Stains at the Office: How to Overcome Cubicle Mishaps

January 27, 2012  |  

Just because you work in an office, that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. In fact, dressing up to go to work can be a wonderful time to display all your finery. Your favorite crisp white shirts, and loveliest khakis are great to pair with flouncing scarves. You can dress up hot cropped jackets with pocket squares for a professionally pretty flair. But wearing your best to work exposes your clothing to common risks inherent with mingling with co-workers –not to mention the commute to and from your place of business. Yet, there is no reason to fear. Tide is here to help you parade in your smartest ensembles with complete confidence that you can overcome every stain the office environment may launch your way. Here are the most common office stains, and the best approach to removing them from the minds at Tide. You might be surprised at how easy staying fresh to death can be.

Ink: Don’t Even Think About It

Thoughts of ink stains irk most people, especially if a light item of clothing seems indelibly soiled. Tide has a quick and easy solution that can restore your marred garment to its original perfection. Simply scrub the stain with alcohol before pre-treating it with Tide, and let the detergent sit a bit — for about 20 minutes — before laundering. You can even use this method with silk and wool, as long as you hand wash your piece. With a little TLC, your clothing item will be back up to snuff in no time — and ready to return to your work clothing circulation.

The Grape Juice Spill: Keep Your Cool

Did your clumsy cubicle neighbor bump into you and pour his or her grape juice onto your shirt? This is a common mishap and easy to make. Don’t fork over your dry cleaning bill and create bad blood for such a simple error. Tide can tackle this type of stain with ease — especially if you keep Tide to Go instant stain remover handy in your purse or office drawer. Tide to Go can help you remove the stain right away even before laundering. To make sure you are good to go, simply launder your threads when you get home after pre-treating the area with regular Tide before adding it to your normal laundry. No need to remain mad at your office mate. Tide will make things all good.

Coffee or Tea: Removal is a Breeze

Spilling a little coffee through an over-eager slurp is something even the most conscientious desk eater is prone to do. Forgive yourself and move on. That stain won’t live another day when Tide is through with it. Use Tide to Go to get to the root of a coffee or tea splash, and then do a little extra soaking at home to further ensure that the blotch is completely history. You won’t remember it even happened, because there won’t be any evidence.

Perspiration: Never Let Them See You Sweat

Working in a high-pressure environment can make us all a little wet in sticky places. Don’t let the stress of the job make shadowy marks on your best regalia. If perspiration stains develop on your best clothing items, Tide can help you remove any sign that you have suffered under duress. Tide with Febreeze Freshness is great for helping to remove the stains and the odors that might go along with worrying about works’ little details. To get the best effect, dilute the stain in cold water before pretreating with regular Tide for 20 minutes. Then wash your item with Tide with Febreeze Freshness with your regular wash for that extra touch of clean.

Tide has many more tips and tricks that can help you work your way out of any stain conundrum. So wear your very best to the office daily, knowing that preserving the beauty and glamour of your favorite frocks will be easy. We spend most of every day at work. You might as well make it your own personal fashion parade. Tide gives you the confidence to flaunt your favorite gear with no fear of the repercussions. Here’s to looking your very best every day!

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