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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you’ve seen Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje before (aka, Triple A as he calls himself on Twitter). Whether he was playing the uber-cray cray Simon Adebisi on HBO’s acclaimed series Oz, Majestic in Get Rich or Die Tryin’, or Mr. Ecko on Lost, the British actor (of Nigerian background) has always been engaging on screen. And he’s back, in a film role unlike anything else he’s done–starring in the science-fiction horror film, The Thing. The film, a prequel for its 1951 predecessor and the 1982 remake, is about a group of scientists who go to the Antarctic to study a creature, or “thing” that has crash landed and is encased in ice. But it breaks loose! And of course, all hell breaks loose too. It’s gross, it’s a mind-bending film, and it’s gore-y. You’ll love it. Trust me, I ‘ve seen it and scary movies aren’t my thing, but I was in the theater talking crazy to the characters. But if you choose not to take my word, Adewale offered up five great reasons as to why you should skip the romantic comedies for something sure to be on your mind days after you watch it. Take a gander:

1. It’s like playing the game Clue, and watching Alien at the same time.

The Thing is entertaining because of the fact that it takes on “Who done it?” but flips it into “Who is it?” It’s not until near the last half of the movie that you actually see the “thing” take someone’s form in front of your eyes, so a majority of the time you’re stuck in a state of paranoia. Could it be your favorite character? Or what about that suspicious looking guy?

“These films, the reason they’re successful is because they really appeal to the primal fear that we as human beings have of the unknown,” says Akinnuoye-Agbaje. “You never know who it’s in until it bursts out. So the movie is engaging because there’s moments in the movie where it could be in anybody. You’re like, is it him? Is it him? And then the one you’re thinking it is, it ‘aint, and then all of a sudden it comes out! And when it comes out, it’s the most grotesque and vulgar thing you’ve ever seen…”

2. You get to see Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje NOT play a bad guy.

As stated earlier, if you ever watched Oz and know his infamous character of Simon Adebisi, you’ll know this guy does evil like nobody’s business. But can he play nice? Yes! And he does it well as as Derek Jameson, the cynical guy with a nosey streak in him?

“The reason I liked playing Jameson is because he’s a departure from what I’m known to play. I did four movies this year and they’re all different. I’ve displayed the whole range this year, and this was just another facet of my artistry that I wanted to show; this all around nice guy that people aren’t familiar with me playing. He is a nice guy with a sense of humor and he’s a curious guy. What guy is not going to go snoop around when you talk about great inventions and undead creatures?”

3. Your mind will twist and turn.

Like sitting through movies like Inception or any good horror film, it’s always nice to have your mind bent. The Thing makes you wonder what you would do in a similar situation. How can you figure out who is human, and who isn’t??? Oh the questions! And that’s something Akinnuoye-Agbaje also likes about the film:

“The suspense element is big too. I really like that mind titillation because you can create some facts and fiction in your own mind that are far beyond what you’re seeing on the screen. I love sitting in a good movie and sitting with one of your buddies just trying to figure out who it is and unravel the plot. To me that’s intriguing. And seeing if you get it right. The good thing is, it encourages dialogue.”

4. Eye Candy! Oh yeah, it could be a romantic experience!?

What woman doesn’t like a little eye candy with her movie-going experience? Well, Akinnuoye-Agbaje jokingly says that he is indeed that candy ladies. On top of that, he says if you go with your man, you’ll be all over each other, but not for the Hot reasons you’re thinking…

“First of all, I’m in it so they’re going to get their eye candy [laughs]. But for women, if you take your man, this is going to make some babies because you’re going to be all over him because you’ll be so spooked. You’re going to be all over each other and you’ll have me to thank. Skip the romantic comedy because you’ll be making your own romance!”

5. Hello, this is the month of Halloween…

If you like to be a little riled up and spooked because this is the month of frights and fun, The Thing is a good look for you. It’s not so horrific that it’ll give you nightmares or disgust you to no end like some films trying way too hard. It has gore, but just enough. However, the main goal is to scare you, make you think, and get you talking. Preferably outside of the theater though.

“It’s coming out near Halloween. This is spook month. if you want to get that adrenaline rush and you want to get your rocks off on that pump then this is the thing to do. It will freak you out. It’s something you’ll be talking about.”

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