Why Having A Hobby Is Good For Your Health

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Who knew that what you do in your free time could possibly affect your overall life? Besides being fun, pass times when you need a break from your normal routine, can actually have benefits that can impact your physical, mental, and emotional health. While it may be difficult for the serial hard-working woman to actually take time out of her schedule to play around with a hobby, her health may thank her in the long run.

So that hobby of crocheting scarves for family and friends, no matter how hideous they may look, could keep your stress level down. Or your secret obsession of doodling with puzzles, while decreasing your level of ‘cool points’, could actually increase your level of creativity.

Our lives can get stressful. Our creativity is sometimes stifled when we actually get paid to be creative. Hobbies can provide us with that outlet to release stress, relax, and be creative with no strings attached.

According to various researchers hobbies can provide many hours of relief from stress. In addition to self esteem and creativity, they can boost passion, pleasure and accomplishments. Hobbies are even reported to decrease depression. Even the busiest person should find something they enjoy doing and attempt to do it, without the thought of who’s watching or how they can profit from it. We know that when money comes into play, our hobby is no longer a hobby but instead a job.

While many of us have a hobby or something we enjoy doing for relaxation, many times we don’t get the chance to actually do it.  With the demands of working and even attempting to make ends meet, it can seem somewhat unproductive to sit around making jewelry when you should be making dinner for the week to cut costs of eating out. Instead of taking time out to grow flowers because of your newfound love of gardening, you feel as if you should be doing something more productive, unless of course you could plant a money tree.

But according to researchers, to become even more productive in our normal demands, we should have a hobby to provide us with solace and rejuvenation. In a book by Stuart Brown, M.D “Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”, the author encourages busy people to find a hobby or time to play during hardship and stress. The author says “When you’re using your imagination and have a heightened mood, you open possibilities that you wouldn’t think otherwise.”

Besides the benefits of increasing mood, relieving and preventing stress, or the fact that it can release your creativity, hobbies provide us with a bit of quiet time that’s needed for us all to be our most productive selves. So whether it’s crocheting, writing, dancing, or cooking, find a bit of time to invest in your well-being through a hobby. Your health will thank you.

Need ideas for a hobby? Just think of anything you actually enjoy doing. The beauty of a hobby is you don’t actually have to be good at it, you simply have to enjoy it.

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