Jenifer Lewis And Other Women Who’ve Been Scammed By People They Loved

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When we think of Jenifer Lewis and the characters she plays, we think of a hilariously funny mother type figure who fluctuates between outraged and unbothered. But the real Jenifer Lewis is not her characters. She’s a real woman with real life struggles that include dealing with a boyfriend who scammed her out of quite a bit of money.

She told the story of his scam and her subsequent lawsuit against him in a recent Instagram post.

While we know this can’t be easy for Lewis, I’m comforted by the fact that in the image she chose to accompany this statement, she looks to be at peace with her dog. We have a feeling, she’ll be alright.

Unfortunately, Lewis is not the only woman who’s found herself in this type of pickle, being betrayed and essentially scammed by someone she loved and trusted. These celebrity women know a thing or two about trusting the wrong person and having it hit your pockets.

Tasha Smith

You know it’s bad when you don’t even have to get a divorce, a judge simply awards an annulment for fraud. That was the case with Tasha Smith and her ex Keith Douglas. After Smith was ordered to pay a lump sum and a $7,000 monthly alimony, a judge discovered that Douglas was married to two other women, lied about how many children he had, wasn’t a pastor and hadn’t claimed taxes in years. The annulment was certainly a blessing. Since the marriage technically doesn’t really exist, Smith got to keep her money despite Douglas’s best efforts.

Sherri Shepherd named legal mom of child born via surrogate. Lamar Sally is now demanding an apology from the actress and comedian.


Sherri Shepherd

From the way Shepherd talked about her love for Lamar Sally—Sal— none of us could have forecast the the messy end to their union. Once the marriage was over, Shepherd decided that not only did she want to leave Lamar behind, she didn’t want the baby the couple had agreed to bring into the world via surrogate. And while that would stop most men, Sally pushed forward. We have a strong feeling that it was just so he could collect a check. Probably has something to do with the fact that he’s still asking for more money.

"Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs pf"


Mary J Blige

Some couples are able to mix business and pleasure together seamlessly. Sadly, Mary J. Blige and her former manager and soon-to-be ex husband were not one of them. Shortly after the singer announced that their marriage was over, she claimed that not only was he asking for spousal support, she believes he’s scammed her out of $420,000 in business expenses. And as if that weren’t enough, Isaacs has also failed to return one of Mary’s Grammys and a luxury car. Petty.

Getty Images

J Lo

It’s kinda obvious that Cris Judd was something like a rebound for J Lo. After Puffy’s real thug life scared her away she turned to her background dancer Cris Judd. And although the couple were engaged for just a month and married for less than a year, Judd still walked away from the whole thing with $14 million. In all fairness, J Lo would probably disagree with the notion that she was scammed. In fact, she speaks very highly of Judd calling him an amazing person. But seriously, 9 months of marriage and $14 million?! Something ain’t right. Unless the internets didn’t report that he returned her money.

"Kirstie Alley pf"


Kirstie Alley

After 14 years of marriage, Kirstie Alley’s second husband, Parker Stevenson, filed for divorce. But he didn’t want to leave with love alone. He wanted full custody of the couple’s three adopted children, likely because he requested $75,000 in child support every month until the children, who were 3 and 5 at the time, turned 18-years-old. Though Stevenson was an actor in his own rite, he said that his income would never approach Alley’s. And he ended up suing for spousal support. Ultimately, he settled for a one-time payout of $6 million. Two years later, in a 1999 interview with People, Stevenson said that he and Alley were not friends.


Britney Griner

We could all see that Britney Griner was moving entirely too fast with her relationship with Glory Johnson. Despite a domestic violence incident months before, the couple still decided to exchange vows. And shortly after that Glory announced that she was carrying the couple’s set of twins. Then all hell broke loose. While Griner attempted to annul their 28-day marriage, Johnson requested $20,000 a month in spousal support… Again, for a 28-day marriage. Griner also claimed that Johnson went ahead with the in-vitro fertilization process without her knowledge. We’ll probably never know what really happened. Either way, Griner managed to avoid paying spousal support but she does pay over $8,000 a month in child support for the twins Johnson gave birth to. Johnson, who was accused of cheating on Griner with a man during their engagement, is one named Christopher Fry now.

Melissa Etheridge

Back in 2003, gay marriage wasn’t legal. Still, that didn’t stop artist Melissa Etheridge from committing herself to partner Tammy Lynn Michaels. But seven years later, the couple were ready to call it quits. And while you would think such a split would be easy, considering there was no legally recognized bond between the couple, you would be mistaken. Lynn Michaels requested spousal support and joint custody of the couple’s twins. After everything was settled, Michaels was receiving $23,000 every month. But she claimed it wasn’t enough. She argued that Melissa could pay more. A judge didn’t agree and the original agreement is still in place. 

WENN/Houston Police

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea hasn’t had the best boyfriends. Before Nick Young ever cheated on her, getting another woman pregnant, there was the ex-boyfriend who was attempting to release her music without permission and a sex tape. The relationship was doomed from the start as Iggy, an impressionable 17-year-old met Maurice Williams aka Jefe Wine when she was living in a hotel in Houston. Williams got Iggy an apartment and the two started dating but what she didn’t know was that he was already married with children. When things started to shake in Azalea’s music career, Williams followed her to Atlanta and downloaded everything from her computer. He attempted to release some of Iggy’s songs from the collection and sell them. Universal issued cease and desist notices and the songs disappeared. And if that weren’t enough, several reports claim that Williams was also trying to release a sex tape that featured an Azalea imposter.

Source: Apega/

Sofia Vergara

You would think that once a person wants their marriage to be over, they would also want any possibility of children with that person to be over as well. But that’s not the case for Sofia Vergara’s ex husband Nick Loeb. When the two were together, Sofia froze her eggs in case the two wanted to have children later on. But when they divorced, Loeb claimed that he wanted to use the eggs to have children, likely so he can hit Vergara up for some child support. Foul.

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