10 Things You Need to Know About Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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1- What is wit that name?!?

The name itself sounds troubling and the cancer is serious but the “triple negative” phrase comes from the lack of positive receptors or proteins in the body. The three receptors or proteins are estrogen, progesterone and the human epidermal growth factor. (HER). In other types of breast cancers treatments can target these proteins to either slow, stop or prevent their production. But in Triple Negative breast cancer all of these receptors are negative, meaning that type of treatment is ineffective.

2- Only 10-20 percent of all breast cancers are triple negative

Bit for African American, Latina or Caribbean women the likelihood of being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer increases to 20 to 40 percent.

3- Triple negative is specially aggressive and more likely to reoccur

4- Just like with anything else, if you find and treat it early treatment is more successful.

5- It is most responsive to chemotherapy
The daunting name of the this disease leads people to believe that there is no treatment for triple negative breast cancer. There is treatment it’s just different than the way you’d treat other breast cancers.

6- Triple Negative Cancer affects women of all races.
There’s a myth that only black women suffer from this type of breast cancer. Not true.

7- Most triple Negative Cancers have a basal-like shape.

Basal cells are those that line the breast duct and if overproduced can grow genes that stimulate cancer growth.

8- You can be born with genes that put you at an increased risk for getting breast, ovarian and other cancers.
Scientists have located a genetic mutations that are linked to developing breast cancer later in life. One of those genes, which they’ve named BRCA1 puts you at greater risk for developing triple negative breast cancer.

9- Being pre-menopausal increases your risk of developing triple negative breast cancer

10- Scientists are constantly looking for new ways to treat triple-negative breast cancer
You can read about some of these new methods here—>

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