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Who needs Toostie Roll Pops and Blow Pops to lick on these days when you and your kids can turn to “Pothead Lollipops”!? Stock up for Halloween!

Seriously, I’m not joking. “Pothead Lollipops” are suckers shaped like marijuana plants, and while they are all the rage with kids right now in the few places they’re being sold, they’ve literally got parents in a rage. A Pennsylvania-based candy company is pushing the sucker as part of good ‘ol pot humor, with its labels saying, “Hey man, pass the bag.” But it’s one thing for suckers like this, which would probably make a killing at novelty shops like Spencer’s for adults, to be sold around kids. Some parents aren’t having it, and are putting pressure on their community officials to say and do something about the pops (and ring pops if you were interested) to keep them from selling in stores. In Buffalo, N.Y., Councilman Darius Pridgen has gone as far as to not grant the licenses necessary for stores in his area to sell them. While there is no physical harm in downing one of these suckers, some are saying that these “Pothead Lollipops” could influence kids and teenagers to try marijuana if they hadn’t already. Dr. Paul Hokemeyer of Caron Treatment Centers had this message about the candy when he talked to Fox Business:

“I think they should be banned, the message that they are telling kids is that it’s ok to smoke marijuana is dangerous for kids and teens. The teenage brain is a developing brain, and (smoking marijuana) is impacting how it develops. It’s particularly dangerous because of the social, cultural peer group message that it’s ok to smoke, because it’s not.”

But the president of the company that makes the lollipop, Andrew Kalan, had this to say:

“At Kalan, we spot trends in society and make products that satisfy the demands of our customers. We developed the marijuana-shaped candy as a response to the growing movement among adults in the U.S. towards legalization. As a company, we do not take political sides; our goal is merely to capitalize on what we see in the marketplace.”

I don’t know though. I remember the cigarette-shaped gum from back in the day. While I thought it was cute to play like I was blowing smoke rings when outside in the cold, I never was geeked to try a real cigarette. I think kids that want to smoke are going to smoke whether or not you take a marijuana shaped piece of candy out of their hands…
But what do you think?
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