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Biggie may have said it best, “more money, more problems”. While I’m sure that the notorious rapper was referring to a wide range of issues when he uttered these words, still this notion may be applicable to relationships; more specifically to women who are financially dependent on a man with money. A close co-worker recently mentioned to me, while describing her ideal man, that she prefers not to date a man who has an excessive amount of money. ‘He’ll definitely cheat and run me crazy,” she claimed. “All men who have money cheat.”

While I disagree that all men who have money cheat, and all men who lack an abundance of finances are faithful, she raised an interesting question. Are men who generate more money more likely to generate more problems?

Every relationship is different and usually comes with its own custom-made set of issues. If there is a lack of money in a relationship, this may cause problems; but the surplus of money in relationships, especially if it’s generated by the man, may be just as problematic.

In a 2010 study conducted at Cornell University, “The Effect of Relative Income Disparity on Infidelity for Men and Women.” researchers issued an alert to women: Beware of the man who makes much less than you; but also beware of the man who makes much more than you. The study concluded that these are the signs that he will be more likely to cheat, offering that there is a link between income disparity and infidelity. The study claimed that some of the reasons a man with money may cheat is because of accessibility to cheat more and the possessing the finances to actually cover it up, or at least attempt to.

With a large number of men claiming how difficult monogamy can be (some even have the nerve to say monogamy isn’t natural for men..but that’s another story) it may become even more difficult when the options are sufficient and the accessibility is easier. In a society overly consumed with money, power, and status, most men with money have many options when it comes to the ladies. Women who are somewhat obsessed with the idea of dating men with money and power, or both, may go out of their way to acquire these men, with little regard to the man’s relationship status. Although he’s in a committed relationship, the temptations may be harder to control if they are popping up without him even seeking them. If he’s not equipped to handle the temptation, eventually he may stray. Of course we know this doesn’t justify cheating by any means, but it’s one of the reasons that may contribute to it.

In addition some, not all, men with money know that they have more options than the man who doesn’t. The women they’re with know this as well. For this reason, is cheating more acceptable when the man has more money and the woman is financially dependent on him? While most may not admit that they turn the cheek to a cheating rich man’s ways, I’m prone to believe that in many cases money can play an enormous factor, specifically if the woman is financially dependent on the man.

Money, in many cases, confuses love with lust; and can make even the smartest woman play a fool for a cheating man. Nevertheless, if someone wants to cheat they will cheat. Dating a wealthy man doesn’t necessarily mean that he will leave you heartbroken, and dating a man with no money doesn’t particularly mean that infidelity is ruled out.

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