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by Selam Aster

I was a fan of Khloe Kardashian (if we can define fan as someone who preferred Khloe over Kim and Kourtney) until it became clear that she has the same attention-hording ways of her sister Kim. The super-tall sis of the clan came off as the most sensible, straight-shooting member of the cast for the first couple of years of the reality show. While Kim was out getting airbrushed for photo shoots, Khloe was working on keeping the family bonds strong. It seemed that she had the most sense. But now, it’s obvious, she was only acting that way for lack of attention.

Last night’s episode of the Kardashian Wedding Special definitely exposed the hypocrisy that is Khloe, who questioned Kris Humphries’ “intentions” towards her sister. Although Humphries shot back with a “you should not be questioning other people’s marriages,” he didn’t have the guts to really drill it into her head that her own wedding was seen as a sham. As you may recall, Khloe met and married Lamar Odom in less than 30 days. It was obviously a publicity stunt to horde attention on the girl who rarely got any, compared to her sisters. Now that it is Kim’s time to walk down the aisle, Khloe is feeling “protective.”

It’s obvious that Khloe is extremely jealous and not happy about her sister also getting married. I never understood sibling rivalry. I only wish the best for my own sisters and would not only be proud by their achievements but also relieved (just like a mother would be).

It’s a wonder how Khloe did not restrain her words from fear of being called out herself. Who really believes the Odom married her purely for love? It’s obvious that the L.A Laker came up from his one-shot cameo on Entourage to becoming a household name all because of the Kardashian association. I don’t know any of these people up close but if anything, Humphries comes off as the most sincere of the bunch.

What do you think ladies? Was Khloe acting out of jealousy or out of love when she warned Kim K about her soon-to-be?

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