Unexpected Traits That Make You “Wife Material”

January 2, 2017  |  
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The term “wife material” might conjure up an image of a woman who is seen at home in a football jersey as much as she is an apron. It might make you think of a woman who can be just as stern about finances as she is about BDSM, but actually, it’s not as clear-cut (or based on some pulp fiction fantasy) as that. Don’t be too quick to assume that you aren’t wife material just because men don’t often describe you as “chill” and you have no idea how to glaze a salmon. When your partner thinks about spending his entire life with you, he probably looks at very different qualities than you think he does. Here are the quirky and unexpected traits that make you wife material in his mind.


You know when to pick your battles

You have the patience and wisdom to time arguments well. Even if you’ve been waiting all day to bring up an issue with your partner, if he comes home and something truly sh-tty has happened to him that day, you know to put your issue away for now and console him.


You travel with your girlfriends

You don’t just have casual drinks with your friends once a month—you dedicate real time and resources to having bonding, quality experiences with them. This shows your partner that you really don’t need him, but he’s a wonderful addition to your already full life.

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He really can fart around you. Really.

You don’t laugh about it. You don’t say his name with a slightly authoritative tone in your voice. You just keep watching TV as if nothing happened. Maybe you lovingly offer him Beano.


You can apologize

You can admit when you’re wrong. You don’t say it bregrudgingly—you say it authentically, with humility in your voice.



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You never say, “I told you so.”

When you are right, and he is wrong, you don’t say, “I told you so.” Everybody makes mistakes, and you don’t take any pleasure when your partner does.


You guard him against the annoying social interactions

You don’t force your partner to visit your intolerable aunt “on principle.” Unless you genuinely want your partner to develop a relationship with someone you know, you let him stay home and do what he wants with his free time.

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You don’t care what anyone thinks of you

You have very few, if any, insecure bones in your body. You can be eccentric and weird in public. You will voice an unpopular opinion. Only when this is true are you genuine as hell.

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You don’t care what anyone thinks of your relationship

You’re unphased by articles or people who tell you how many hobbies you and your partner should have in common or how often you should have sex. You do what feels good for the both of you.


You’re generous with others

You think of others often. If someone you know is sick, you bring them food. If someone you know is moving, you offer to help. Generosity and selflessness are the most attractive traits in the world.


You’ll call him out

When your partner is behaving in a way that you both know he wishes he wouldn’t—when he is acting like a baby—you call him out on it. If it makes him mad, you don’t pull back.



You understand that sex comes and goes

You don’t freak out and act strangely if you haven’t had sex in a while. A sex drought doesn’t cause you to buy all new lingerie, or throw away your lingerie, or leave porn on all of the TV screens in the house.

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You’re just the right amount of vein

You care about looking attractive for yourself and your partner, but for goodness sake, you will run last-minute errands with last night’s mascara smeared on your face if those errands are important. You won’t hold everybody up to fix your lip liner.


You have several good male friends

Nothing tells a man that other men can tolerate you for long periods of time than your own friendships with men!


You don’t know much about celebrities or the scene

If you know a lot about celebrity gossip and new night club openings then you have too much time on your hand, and that never leads to any good.

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