Bye, Bye To The Emotional Baggage Of 2016

December 28, 2016  |  

This year was filled with disappointment, mishaps, and unfortunate surprises. I knew this year would be off when I didn’t complete my vision board until spring had already arrived. Despite the emotional healings, financial setbacks and uncomfortable living experiences I suffered, this year taught me something truly valuable–that I was letting too much emotional baggage weigh me down.


From the shocking presidential results to the loss of many music legends, I was letting the weight of the world consume me. I am a genetically nervous person, who some may describe as an empath–meaning that I absorb the energies of others around me and it can affect my overall emotional and mental health. This is both a blessing and a curse (mostly a curse) due to my high emotional intelligence and equal super-sensitivity to other’s emotions while I often carry while trying to maintain my own sanity. Despite this wavering “superpower,” it is critical that I learn how not to let outside forces affect me.

After deep reflection and meditation, I now am aware of the forces holding me back from truly living out the life I desire and envision. Fear is the first to let go because it is the foundation of most of the emotional baggage tearing me apart. Fear makes me worry which then stifles motivation, action, and flow of positivite energy. Living in fear encourages doubt, which decreases my faith. With doubt, I begin to catastrophize all the worst possible scenarios, which prompts me to then reach for the Häagen Dazs ice cream in order to calm my nerves. The emotional eating is not only a band-aid for the anxiety rising to the surface but also a bad coping mechanism for my physical health. Resentment develops as I scroll through my social media feed and realize that I am not where I want to be professionally or financially. This later affects my self-esteem and decreases how I view my accomplishments and growth. The constant comparisons and competing with others only leads to constant complaining which in turn affects my relationships.

As I think about this year and how I want to improve for next year–I am saying goodbye to the fear, doubt, resentment, low self-esteem, emotional eating, complaining, comparisons, and competition with others in order to live unapologetically me. Although letting go was a tough lesson to learn, I have witnessed firsthand how emotional baggage weighs more than is worth it. There are many more positive emotions that I choose to bring into the New Year. These include gratitude, appreciation, mindfulness, encouragement, happiness, peace, and most importantly–love.

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