Azealia Banks Reveals She Had A Miscarriage

December 21, 2016  |  

A while ago, I wrote a story for the site. I can’t remember what it was about but in the piece I mentioned that my mother suffered a series of miscarriages before she gave birth to me. I can’t remember if I shared said piece or my cousin just happened to stumble upon it. But when he did, the first thing he asked me was why I needed to share that detail.

In his defense, he is a man and was a teenager at the time. But still his attitude on miscarriage, a health issue that affects so many different women is one that is pervasive in our society. While I don’t believe it’s always appropriate to share everything with everybody, the stigma associated with miscarriage needs to be removed. And if talking about it can bring about healing, I think it’s something we should do. Yesterday, controversial rapper Azealia Banks logged on to her Facebook page to share the story of her recent miscarriage.

In the post, which has since been deleted, she wrote:

“So I’ve just had a really major life event happen and I want to talk about it because this wouldn’t be an Azealia Banks page without loads of oversharing right? Anywho, I’ve just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all and really confused and in shock and guilty and a bit depressed and like a failure and very ashamed.”

In the post, the 25-year-old also asked that her fans and followers share any words of wisdom.

“The self-loathing bit is a real struggle for me at the moment so share any words here. They will be greatly appreciated.”

According to TheGrio, fans were very supportive of her message and did offer encouragement.

“Your not a failure! Its normal to feel these emotions after a traumatic event i felt the same after mine. Its hard to believe right now but it does get easier over time. You never get over it but its easier to live with. You grieve how you need to and remember it wasn’t your fault and your not a failure (sic).”

Still, there were others who warned that she shouldn’t sharing such personal matters on the internet. As you might assume, Banks had a response for that.

“I’m fine. Obviously not every woman has had a miscarriage and that coupled with the fact that my psychiatrist is a male…welllp…No one else in my family has had that and reading accounts on the web isn’t enough.”

Earlier in the thread, she warned people not to dismiss the potential of the moment.

“Please don’t f–k UP an opportunity for clear, open and beneficial discourse between WOMEN!”

When I first saw the headline for this story, I contemplated writing about it, wondering if people would take it seriously because of what Azealia Banks’ name is associated with in the media. Every other week, someone is talking about some stunt she’s pulled. Someone she’s cussed out or offended, her support of Donald Trump, her altercation with Russell Crowe, a recent arrest etc. She’s a lot, to say the least. I wondered if people would even believe her story. But, to me, that’s not the point of the discussion. Questioning her story takes away from the larger point and importance of women sharing them in the first place. And with all that Azealia Banks has going on in her life, I’m sorry that this is just another traumatic one added to the list.

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