Things You Should Spend Less Money On This Year

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The unwillingness to seek out a better deal, brand loyalty, fear of making or fixing something ourselves—these are just some of the reasons we all spend too much money on everyday things and services. Often we’re simply convinced that we could not live without something that we really could live without, and would hardly notice was missing. But if you critically analyze your spending habits and change them, you could do things like be ready for retirement on time, purchase a home earlier than you thought, and improve your credit. You could also not go into a full panic mode any time a $1,000 unexpected expense comes up. You can do all of this not by making more, but by spending less. Here are things we could all do to spend less money in the New Year.

Black woman driving



How often do you take your car just to drive a quarter of a mile to the post office? Or, how often do you drive all by yourself across town, when your neighbor was going too, and you could have split the gas? Walking when you can, and splitting the gas money when it makes sense, can save you a lot.

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