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When you’ve worked hard to get the weight off, there’s no feeling quite like the sense of accomplishment that runs through you when you actually do it. But nothing deflates your excitement faster than getting too comfortable soon after and finding out that you’re slowly but surely packing on the pounds again. We get all the tips on what we need to do to lose weight, but people rarely give you the scoop on what you need to do, or better yet, not do, to keep it off. If you were wondering why it’s such a struggle, here are 10 possible reasons.

weight loss, keep weight off

It’s Important to Know Why You’re Losing It

Have you ever felt like you’re dropping the pounds for everyone but yourself? When you start feeling the pressure to keep the weight down because your main goal in trying to live healthier was to solely be smaller, the stress can be too much. When you have slips, you may start to feel as though you’ve let other people down. The stress of such emotions can cause you to eat more and become lax with your physical activity.

black woman healthy eating

You Haven’t Changed Your Eating Habits First

You may have worked out like a machine for weeks to drop a few pounds, but if you don’t focus on changing around your eating habits first, you could be putting in a lot of work that is sure to go to waste. Burning hundreds of calories in the gym means nothing if when you go home, you eat junk.

woman stressed

You’re Often Stressed

“When you’re stressed out or tired, it’s very easy to forget when your hand goes into the cookie jar,” said New York-based dietitian Marisa Sherry, RD to CBS News. Ain’t that the truth? Whether it’s work, relationship or money issues, life’s quandaries can turn us toward the refrigerator when we should sweat it out at the gym.

Woman drinking, date

Someone Is Always Inviting You Out to Consume Something

You were just starting to clean up your diet, but now your girlfriends want to go out for brunch. The guy you met on that one dating app wants to take you out for drinks. Your co-workers want to grab dinner. When we continuously say yes to eating out and scarfing down drinks high in calories, we don’t realize the impact it has on our attempts to dine healthier. While there are healthy options in restaurants, with all of the sodium and other ingredients added in, you’re still better off cooking your own meals at home to know for sure what’s going in them.

black woman eating, cupcake, sweets

You Scarf Down Food

Eating food quickly and not really savoring it can cause you to gain weight. The reason behind that is because of the fact that you end up either eating until you’re satisfied with your meal, or you eat until you’re full. When you focus on eating until you’re full, you can overdo it, and at times, eat past that point.  Not only can you end up packing on pounds, but you’re more likely to end up with an upset stomach.

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You Don’t Have a Plan

If you go into each day unsure about what you’re going to eat and when, you could be setting yourself up for failure. If you don’t know what you are going to eat for breakfast and your hunger pangs are stronger than you imagined, you could find yourself eating something greasy or sugary when you probably should have gone the fruit or yogurt route. And waiting hours upon hours to eat only to end up overeating at dinner? Bad idea.

birth control

Your Birth Control Could Be Jacking You Up

While certain types of birth control can cause weight gain, in many cases, you’re retaining water — not actual extra pounds. However, when we think we’re getting bloated for reasons beyond our control, we start to see that as an excuse to indulge. All of a sudden, you see no benefit in swapping out that basket of fries for a salad instead.

black girl working out

You’re Not Working Out Enough

When you are capable of getting a better handle on your eating habits, if you’re not working out often enough to create a strong caloric deficit, you may not see the consistent results you’re hoping for. When you only put in 30 minutes of work every once in a blue moon, or you don’t bother to mix up your workouts, stubborn weight is more likely to stay in place.

woman hungry, eating

You’re Doing Too Much

So you’ve decided to cut your calories to an extreme level. Your rationale is that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat less. However, metabolism can interfere with your plans. Sherry told CBS News that the lower your calorie consumption, the more likely your body is to go into “starvation mode,” slowing down how long it takes to burn calories.

black woman thinking

Start Thinking Long Term

We all love to see results fast, especially when we have big plans. That includes a high school reunion to show out at, a swimsuit body to get by next summer, or a dress you want to fit in before the year ends. But when we only focus on the short-term goals, we fail to put in place sustainable exercise and eating regimens that we can keep up with for more than a month or even a year. Going hard is cool, but if you know you’re on a plan that you can’t realistically keep up with down the line, it’s time to change things up.


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