The Long Story Short: 5 Tips For Moms Who Need A Break

December 2, 2016  |  


This inspirational post started off as a story about overcoming challenges and moving on to the next level, but then it morphed into a post about the best ways to get by as a new mom. I was going to explain how the birth of my two sons Kannon Ball, now 6-years-old and Midknight, only 2 weeks old, helped me move from a media obsessed career woman to a mom who is truly content with life’s little offerings. In addition, I was going to note how much I spiritually evolved and I was going to highlight all the risks that I took to get here. But then I thought about the struggles. I realized things aren’t so black and white. A lot of our readers are trying to breakthrough into the next chapter of their story, but are being held back by the stress of trying to have it all.

Before motherhood, I used to sweat the unrealistically small stuff, so imagine the level of damage really big issues did. Stress on the job would have me go from 0-to-100 real quick. Wait a deadline? OMG! My heart would race swiftly and the migraines would settle in. Trouble in relationships would have me spiraling out of control.

The interesting thing is – once I became a mom I learned a lot about the things that I carried and how I responded to setbacks. I really just needed to chill. Do you hear that – just chill. I needed to find outlets where I could let the struggles hide. With age comes wisdom and with motherhood comes a high level of emotional growth and maturity. As a writer, I’ve gone from emotional wreck to a beautiful work in process. I’ve been able to redirect my attention to the things that matter – like having a healthy balance between my career and my family. If you are trying to manage the demands, while preserving your authentic self, follow these 5 simple tips that will help you keep your feet on solid ground.



Write Until It Rains

One really important piece of advice I have for new moms is to write. Simply write your heart out! Write about your failures! Write about the fact that you are not perfect. Write about your blessings. The point is – when you become a mom, you face a roller coaster of emotions. Understand that – your hormones are operating at an all time high, while the demands of parenting are surrounding you. With our little mini me’s crying for everything under the sun, it can be hard to stay focused on our own journey. However, it is important to take the time out to reboot. Write until it rains. Let it pour!

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Exercise Your Body and Mind

Have some things on your mind that you would love to release? If so, take a walk or hit the gym. Burn all of your emotional energy into a ball of sweat. When our adrenaline is pumping, we are doing the work necessary to not only get fit but to get our mind right. Whoever left the gym in a bad mood?


Date Night With Your Girlfriends or Go Solo

It has been a while since you’ve just hung out with your girlfriends! I recommend calling up a trusted friend or family member who could baby sit your little one, while you take some time out. Parenting full-time is a joy but sometimes the role can be exhausting. Visit a local restaurant, sip on a glass of wine and just enjoy yourself. If gathering the crew is too much, get dressed up and hit the town solo. Soak up the fresh air and just thank the world for your blessings!

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Turn Off Your Phone And Unwind

Sure folks want to get in touch with you! However, sometimes the constant distraction from texts and calls can really make your mood worse. Constantly keeping tabs on social media can be draining as well. If it is important, those who matter will know where to find you. Everyone else will just have to wait. Disconnecting is necessary sometimes. Digital overload can truly exhaust the mind. When I was pregnant, I didn’t leave a trace on social media. There was no one to check in and ask me a million questions about the baby. To many my approach was selfish, but to me, announcing the birth of my son a few weeks after his birth gave me a sense of peace. It also gave me power over when and how I communicate.

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Spa Day

If the money is right, you can’t go wrong with a spa day. That is simply your moment to breathe in and exhale all of your life’s stressors. Depending on your location, the services vary. However, a simple massage from a professional masseuse for even 30 minutes will do a world of wonder.

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