All The Ways In Which Trevor Noah Schooled Tomi Lahren On “The Daily Show”

December 1, 2016  |  
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Truth be told, I try to avoid 24-year-old, political commentator Tomi Lahren like the plague. I mean seriously. I see her pretty, little face on my television screen or newsfeed and I click, scroll or run screaming from the room. Her persona and her comments, which I’m convinced she’s only making to gain popularity, are bad for not only my personhood but my soul. Still, I couldn’t escape her this morning as she appeared on too many Instagram accounts to avoid. And I was encouraged by the fact that unlike her usual deal, her thoughts were going to be challenged, in real time by someone who sees the error in her ways, Trevor Noah. Check out some of our favorite moments and the reaction to those moments on the following pages. And if you can stand it, the full video of the entire interview is on the last page.

I Don’t See Color

They teach this line in How to Prove You’re Not Racist 101. But it’s an old tactic and people have discovered by now that not only is it garbage it insinuates the very fact that people choose not to acknowledge color because of their perceptions of inferiority associated with various racial and ethnic groups.

I Got My Rights After Black people…

If Tomi Lahren wants to win the gold at Oppression Olympics, then she should be willing to vacate her station in life as a White woman.

BLM is the New KKK

Exactly. There’s actually NO comparison.

Unclear on The Klan Though

It would help if you’re going to compare two groups, to know exactly what both of them do and have done. In case you’re wondering the dialogue in the above tweet is a quote from Ms. Lahren. You can’t help but get the sense that she’s simply regurgitating what someone else has given her to read off the teleprompter.

Her problem with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Let’s not play coy. Every group has their extremists that doesn’t mean the origins and intentions of the movement was to harm people.

What should Black folk do then?

Crickets. The new trick of racists is to evoke the name and life of Dr. Martin Luther King and his nonviolent movement. But that argument falls a bit flat when we think about the fact that local governments beat and jailed King during his life and the federal government ended it all together.

Even the babies know…

Just because my heart smiles every time I see this chubby cheeked cherub cross my timeline.

Kill her with Class

This bit and her failed attempt at a joke about Bill Clinton’s infidelity and Hillary Clinton’s needing to be “grabbed” by the likes of Donald Trump was so foul and so very unfunny. Had it been me, I wouldn’t have let that slide. But Trevor Noah, in case you haven’t noticed, is a class act. He simply ignored it. And he didn’t just show restraint in this instance, he did throughout the interview. So many times when women are interviewed on late-night, male-hosted shows, the men over-talk and interrupt them. Noah handled this brilliantly, letting her get her points across so we could really hear them before he responded with the realness.

It’s All Her For Real

She doesn’t need any help.

And if you want to see the full exchange, you can watch it in the video below.


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