Violation, Double Standards And Why We’re Just Now Writing About Ginuwine’s Leaked Nudes

December 1, 2016  |  

Anytime I see an older R&B singer’s name trending on Twitter, I assume the worst. I think “Oh Lord, he’s somewhere strung out.” Or “Please don’t tell me he died.” And that’s what I thought when Ginuwine’s name came up on the left side of the Twitter window. But it wasn’t long before I discovered that Ginuwine was trending because pictures of his penis had been leaked.


I write for a Black women’s website, Ginuwine’s target demographic, so I can’t lie my first instinct was to write a news piece about this new discovery for tomorrow. After all, the pictures were impressive, certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I thought, since homeboy is working with so much this is a non-issue. Then I thought about all of the celebrities who were the victims of their nude photos being leaked: Gabby Union, Meagan Good, Jill Scott, Keke Palmer, Leslie Jones. And I remembered the devastation some of them expressed publicly and I was like naw let me not. Still, I figured I could but together a reactionary piece. I mean the tweets, retweets and gifs as women saw the glory of Ginuwine’s member literally had tears rolling down my face.

And while I compiled a list of ten tweets to be featured in a slideshow the next day, something still didn’t feel right about it. And while I tried a couple more times to find an appropriate way to write about these leaked nudes, it just never seemed right.

On the night the pictures were leaked, Ginuwine tweeted:

But recently in an interview with Pacey and Ashley Caprice of V101, he went more in depth and I understood, a bit more clearly, the type of violation he must have felt.

“I had to fess up to it, yes but it’s not something I was really proud of. I have daughters I didn’t wanna be known for that…I’ve always been proud of it but it’s just been embarrassing.”

Then he explained how the pictures got out in the first place.

“That kind of stuff happens when you trust people and you send things to the wrong person. I know who did it but I’m nog going to do it back. I’m too old for that.”

Good for Ginuwine because if he leaked a woman’s nude pictures, I’m tellin’ you, we would be having an entirely different conversation. And that’s kind of the point, really.  The type of person who would release such images, man or woman, knowing good and well they were shared in confidence, has to be pretty low down. And while I’m still not entirely convinced this wasn’t some type of publicity stunt, it was a moment that made me check myself. So it definitely served some type of purpose. While a part of me appreciates the poetic justice of it all, men being oogled as nothing more than sex objects.  Taking pleasure in causing others to experience the pain you’ve felt and endured is a bit of a hollow victory.

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