Why I Can’t Be Mad At Tiny For Dancing With Floyd Mayweather

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Y’all know what they say, what’s done in the dark comes to the light. About a month ago, Tiny was in the news because she snapped a picture with Floyd Mayweather at a Mariah Carey soiree. For those who don’t keep up with the drama surrounding Tiny and her marriage to T.I., this picture was particularly problematic because T.I. and Floyd got into a bit of an altercation in Las Vegas over rumors that Mayweather and Tiny had something going on.

Being that Mayweather gets paid millions of dollars to knock people out and T.I. walked away from the ordeal without a scratch, you can assume that nothing really went down.

Still, it was messy and it made headlines. Tiny made sure to keep the convo flowing after she appeared on TMZ, explaining that she wasn’t about to tell Mariah no when she asked her to pose with Mayweather and at the end of the day, it was just a picture.

Oh, if only that were true. Not only did Tiny stand next to Floyd to take a picture, the two shared a dance together. And while the video is blurry and grainy, we can clearly make out Tiny, in her red shorts for the evening dancing with Floyd. Granted, she wasn’t bent over in his face but his legs were gapped open a little bit and it looked like Tiny wasn’t exactly avoiding stepping in between them.


Floyd made sure to share this video after T.I. posted one of Kevin Hart and his other friends roasting Floyd and his father. You know, juvenile, high school ish. Either way, as a result Tiny’s name is on people’s lips for this. And while I would agree that Tiny probably shouldn’t be dancing up on another man as a married woman whose husband has had problems with Floyd, I still can’t be mad at her. Why, you ask? Because deep in my heart, I don’t feel like she and Floyd have or have ever had anything serious going on. But also because in the Urban Dictionary, next to the phrase “ride or die,” is a picture of Tiny. Y’all remember Tiny was with T.I. before he was the man we know him to be today, when she was the biggest name in the relationship. She stuck around with him while he dragged his feet marrying her, and she was there during the times (plural) when he was incarcerated and she had to take on the duties of raising their larger than average family by herself. Not only did she hold it down at home, she did her best to manually please her man when she visited him in prison. And if that weren’t more than enough for any woman, she’s stood by T.I. while rumor after rumor after rumor of his affairs and even children have popped up.

I could spend time arguing about how true they are. But I think her song, “Cut It Off,” with lyrics like, “It ain’t nothing to cut that dick off,” explain exactly what’s been going on. And let’s not forget “What The F@#k You Gon Do.” Ish is autobiographical.

Today, when the news was all over the blogs, it wasn’t Tiny who chimed in to defend herself. It was her friend who reminded folks how loyal Tiny has been over the years.



And if you want to know what Tiny thinks about those posts, don’t ever wonder. She liked the both of them.

In an ideal world, would T.I. and Tiny go tit for tat in their disrespect for each other? Nah. But after all she’s put up with and is likely still enduring, she’s entitled to a little two step.

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