Serious Question: What Would You Do If Your Boss Forbid You To Date Your First Year Of Employment?

November 28, 2016  |  

Rules on office romances differ from company to company, but one thing employers typically don’t involve themselves in are romantic relationships employees have off their premises. Unless you’re Mariah Carey.



Known for her diva-like personality, it appears the singer’s new docu-series may prove that whole prima donna act, well, isn’t much of an act. According to The Sun, in the first episode of Mariah’s World viewers will witness Mimi’s manager Stella Bulochnikov hiring a new personal assistant for her and laying down some pretty hefty expectations, professionally and personally.

“A personal assistant has to anticipate someone’s needs,” Stella will reportedly tell the new staff member. “A personal assistant has to wait by the door and have the sunglasses and the shoes ready.

“It’s an abusive job, and I have a rule – you’re not allowed to date for the first year of working for myself. And also there’s no crying allowed in my office.”

Crying I get, but no canoodling on your free time? Come again.

Now when it comes to free time as a personal assistant that’s about as rare as a “thank you” for waiting by the door with a celeb’s sunglasses and shoes; however what one chooses to do during those precious few hours of the day should not be up to an overbearing employer’s discretion. And yet, plenty of companies still make it their business to be up in their staff’s business for the sole purpose of protecting their business interests. You know the boss that keeps inappropriately trying to probe into your fertility plans to figure out if he’s going to be short staffed, or the manager that treats Saturday like an unofficial sixth workday and monopolizes all of your personal time on the weekends. Asking someone to remain single their first year of employment is really only a hop, skip, and a jump away from all of the other ridiculous demands corporate leadership places on its employees for their own selfish interests. And not unlike the many other personal details of employees’ lives (marital status, parental status, etc.) management takes into consideration when considering large promotions.

When the first episode of Mariah’s World airs December 4 on E!, I expect to see a wide-eyed 20-something eagerly agree to put off romance for the opportunity to personally assist Mariah Carey with whatever needs she has at any given hour. But if this were the real world, I can’t see anyone agreeing to such a thing. Could you?

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