New Studies Show Exercise Might Actually The Best Hangover Cure

November 27, 2016  |  

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Hangover cures are surely myths and by word of mouth. Some people opt for a greasy breakfast, while others believe downing a beer right out of bed is the perfect way to feel better. However, none of the aforementioned actually get the job done according to two new studies, whose reports offer that working out is the best way to counteract alcohol-induced damage, reports The New York Times.

Presented last week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, and both studies investigated the effects of alcohol followed by exercise. For one of the studies, researchers at the University of Louisville gave male mice daily doses of either alcohol or saline for 12 weeks. The mice then ran on a treadmill every day for another 12 weeks. The results offered that brains of mice that had received alcohol showed impaired mitochondria. However, those were not among those mice that has also exercised.

The other study was performed by a group at the University of Houston and followed a similar method but instead tested female rats. Half of the rats were given alcohol once a week for 11 weeks, in a binge-drinking type of scenario. Once completed, they were given the opportunity to run on a treadmill three days per week or sit around in their cages. As in the first study, rats that drank alcohol didn’t perform as well on memory tasks and had fewer neurons in a key memory-related brain area. But those rats that got to exercise — regardless of whether or not they had also consumed alcohol — didn’t show the same impairments.

While mice and rats are clearly not humans, we don’t necessarily known how the results from the studies translate to our own lives. But there’s a bit of evidence floating around in the world that can encourage the formation of new neurons in a process called neurogenesis. Not to mention, there’s plenty of evidence that alcohol does the opposite.


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