10 Things You Didn’t Know About People’s Newest “Sexiest Man Alive,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

November 15, 2016  |  
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Out of all of his titles, if you asked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which one means the most, including past WWF Championship titles, being named the highest-paid male actor, or earning the juice of being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, surprisingly, the latter might hold the most weight in his heart. He was definitely moved when asked by the publication what first came to mind when he found out they crowned him the hottest man out there.

“I said, ‘That’s awesome.’ And then what went through my mind was just how cool and exciting it is,” Johnson told the magazine. “And then I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle.’ I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

The 44-year-old 6’5″ and 245-pound hunk is loved by his fans for more than just that body and face, though. His sense of humor also seems to be a big draw, and the fact that he’s always been down to earth. But there are things about the father of two that even his biggest fans might not know about (and no, I’m not talking about messy stuff). With that being said, check out 10 things you probably didn’t know about our favorite wrestling champion turned movie star.


His Big Payday

For his first starring role in 2002’s The Scorpion King, Johnson was paid a whopping $5.5 million. The check was the highest for any actor in his first leading role. We’re guessing producers believed that all of the charisma he brought into the wrestling ring would make Johnson a box-office draw — and they were right.


His Spielberg Connection

According to Johnson, one of the first films he really loved was Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark at 8 years old. He has said that the film really inspired him to get into movies. So when he received an “inspiring” and “motivating” letter many years later from Steven Spielberg, the director of the hit film, he was blown away. “It was one of the greatest gifts I’d ever received,” Johnson told E! News.


His Ex-Wife Is His Manager

Johnson married Dany Garcia in 1997 and the couple had daughter Simone (now 15) before they announced in 2007 that they were “splitting up amicably.” That wasn’t a lie, as the pair continued working together after their split. Garcia has continued as Johnson’s manager despite getting married again in 2014 and the actor linking up with current girlfriend Lauren Hashian after their divorce was finalized in 2008. Johnson and Hashian had their first child together, Jasmine, last year.


Groucho Marx Inspired His Signature Eyebrow Lift

According to an interview with Desert News in 2007, Johnson reportedly revealed that his trademark eyebrow lift was inspired by the fake brows on comedy legend Groucho Marx. Johnson would often raise his eyebrow after delivering one of his signature lines in the wrestling ring, including our personal favorite: “If you smell what The Rock is cooking!


University of Miami

His University of Miami Days

Johnson reportedly decided to take his football talents to the University of Miami because they didn’t pursue him, so he wanted them to show them what he was capable of. He eventually went on to have a successful football career at the school before hurting his back, becoming depressed, and letting his GPA fall to a paltry .7. Johnson was able to pull it together, though. He raised his GPA to a 2.9 and graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies degree with an emphasis on criminology and physiology.


Willy Wonka?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Johnson was Tim Burton’s backup choice to play Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if Johnny Depp for some reason couldn’t play the eccentric character. We don’t know about you, but we can’t even picture that.

The Rock

His Influence on WWE SmackDown!

Johnson was such a huge hit and had such a major influence on wrestling and pop culture. He was so big that one of his catchphrases, “Lay the smackdown,” was the inspiration behind the title for the wrestling television program SmackDown. It would go on to become a pretty popular broadcast after debuting in 1999.


His Size Was a Hindrance in High School

The actor had a hard time as a young student. Not only was he expelled from multiple schools, but he reportedly also had a hard time making friends. Blame it on his size. As Johnson told Jimmy Fallon, already being 6’4″ and more than 200 pounds as a 15-year-old just didn’t make sense to his classmates. “They honest to God thought I was a narc,” he said. “Total 21 Jump Street. No friends. Girls weren’t giving me any play. Nothing!”

Rolex Watch

His First Big Purchase Was a Rolex Watch

Johnson bought his first Rolex two years into his wrestling career. He was such a big fan of the watch that he wore a fake one for years when he was young. The real thing reportedly cost him more than $30,000. According to Fortune, he broke it a week later and never replaced it.


Images via Instagram, Shutterstock and WENN

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