The Cosby Show Reruns Returning To Bounce TV And We All Know Why

November 14, 2016  |  

Bounce TV, a network created to target African Americans, announced late last week that they were going to bring back reruns of The Cosby Show in December, according to Uproxx. This move comes after they reportedly did research and found that a large number of their viewership said they could separate Bill Cosby from character Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable.

Of course, episodes of the classic show were pulled from Bounce TV a year ago. They were also pulled from BET, Centric, and recently, Hulu (who did so based solely on the end of a contract with the Carsey-Werner Company), after Bill Cosby was hit with a wealth of allegations accusing him of drugging and sexually abusing women. With the show being pulled from syndication on these networks, it had an impact on not just fans, but also former cast members. As Malcolm Jamal Warner told the ladies of The Real, “It’s literally taking money out of my pocket. So I got my own personal feelings about that, because it personally affects me.”

I’m sure he will be happy to know that the show will at least be back on Bounce. And to make things all the more interesting, Bill Cosby’s lawyer actually wrote in a response to seven women suing Cosby in a defamation lawsuit that they’re confident that he will be cleared of charges and get back to work.

“When Mr. Cosby is cleared from all liability and charges … he expects to resume his career,” attorney Angela Agrusa stated, “and there is no reason to believe otherwise.”

Could a comeback be on the horizon?

As far as the comeback of the show, the reaction on social media to its return to Bounce TV seemed to be one of excitement. As for my reaction, I’m just wondering what role electing someone like Donald Trump to be our president played in the decision to re-air The Cosby Show episodes.

The announcement was made by Bounce just three days after election day, and they provided no specific data to inform people of the percentage of the so-called overwhelming number of individuals demanding reruns be re-aired. There has also been anger for some time over the fact that 7th Heaven is still being aired on UP TV, despite star Stephen Collins admitting to child molestation in the past. With Bounce being one of the last networks to pull the show from its lineup, they may have been looking for a reason to bring it back. Enter Donald Trump. I think that the idea of having someone who has been accused of sexual abuse become our president has people feeling as though bringing the series back, despite the ugly allegations against Cosby, is the least of our problems. If Trump can do it, why can’t Cosby? Right? Why the double standard? Right?

And so it begins. The moral fabric of this country is quickly coming loose, unraveling faster than it already had been. And while the idea of keeping the show on the air would have riled people up last year or earlier this year, it’s currently being applauded.

One of the biggest questions people really didn’t have an answer to after Trump’s election last week was how one would teach their children about doing right when so many adults stood behind having someone who has done a lot of wrong lead us.” So instead of leading by example, people are following the ugliness. With Stephen Bannon of Breitbart being named Trump’s chief adviser and the FBI reporting a dramatic increase in hate crimes since Donald Trump started his campaign and since the election, it already seems as though people have let their ethical standards take a dip.

I get it. While it makes sense to call out the hypocrisy we’re all bearing witness to, we shouldn’t ignore what’s clearly wrong in an attempt to stoop to that level. Wrong is wrong. Had Cosby been found not guilty, then it might make sense to bring the show back. But he’s still in the midst of a court battle over the allegations, which are very serious. And this move makes it seem as though accusations of rape, shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

To me, if you choose to be indignant about an issue one minute, you can’t turn a blind eye to it the next minute because someone else is out here proudly living foul. Who Trump, our future president, is isn’t enough to make me open to the idea of embracing Cosby. So just as I’m very much against a Trump presidency based on the man he’s shown himself to be, along with the racist commentary and sexual assault allegations, I’m also still not interested in watching The Cosby Show after all that has come out. Do and watch what works for you, but neither one of those individuals will get my support.

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