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The pill has been one of the two most commonly used forms of birth control since 1928, and 80 percent of sexually active women have used it at some point.

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What’s more is that it’s an incredibly effective form of birth control. When used perfectly (at the same time every day etc.) it has less than a one percent failure rate. If you’re a man in a relationship, there’s a good chance there is a pack of birth control pills somewhere in your home right now! And yet, men have a lot of misconceptions about this tiny powdered circle of hormones women pop in their mouths. Misconceptions that can make them at the very least judgmental, and at worst ignorant to how to prevent pregnancy. Here are things women wish men understood about the pill.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

A lot of women miss them

Hey, men who take a daily vitamin or supplement of any kind; are you going to tell us that you have a perfect track record with that? Not likely. Women aren’t irresponsible for forgetting to take the pill one day. Every woman has forgotten to take it.



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