The Real Winner Of Election 2016: White Privilege

November 9, 2016  |  



I think it’s clear that I wasn’t the only person who woke up this morning feeling as though they’d come to in a complete nightmare. I wasn’t worried before the election, and I wasn’t scared once I obtained the results. But as I conjured up my first thoughts of the day, all I could think was “I can’t believe this sh-t.”

I just felt the strongest sense of disappointment. This dismay was felt not because Trump, the leader of the jeering birther moment against President Obama, won the highest seat in the land. I felt this way because a large number of people in this country, namely a majority of White men and women, made it clearer than ever that they’re not about making America “great,” but rather, looking out solely for themselves. We, the minority, are simply an afterthought.

This is evident in the fact that a man who was endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan, talked extensively about Latino immigrants being “criminals” and “rapists” and his hopes to “build a wall” to keep them out, wants to completely shut down the opportunity for Muslims to enter the country, and was a proponent of the phrase “All Lives Matter” when speaking on “the blacks” could be voted president elect. Not to mention all of the misogynist comments about being able to grab women “by the pu**y” due to the money, power and influence he has while also being the authority on who is and isn’t cute enough to be sexually assaulted.

Despite all of that, voters in rural America didn’t look out for the greater good. They weren’t worried about morals, reason, and being a positive example of love over hate. They weren’t worried about being seen as cut from the same cloth as a hatemonger. They gave zero you know whats about how a Trump presidency would impact the rest of us. That’s why they can love someone who they claims “tells it like it is,” otherwise known as being openly discriminatory. Trump has been saying in public what cowards have been hiding in Internet comment sections saying from the comfort of their homes in middle America. Last night, they reminded all of the hopeful, optimistic people that if it’s “Us vs. Them,” it’s always going to be “Us,” and “Us,” is real America.

Just ask the White woman in a pizza joint in Michigan interviewed by MSNBC last night. She was excited to be “taking our country back.”  When asked what exactly that meant, she couldn’t even articulate her thoughts. The best response she could come up with was “take it back from corruption” while grinning uncomfortably.

And that’s what makes all of this so shocking to people around this country, and likely abroad. For people to be able to side with someone who could spew such ugliness, an ugliness that we as a people should be above in 2016, says more than the rooms of giddy yuppies in red Trump caps will ever understand. And while many pretend that they voted for him because of some real policies, we’re not stupid. The rest of us face the reality that those people are happiest because because they could care less about a racism, xenophobia and Islamaphobia that they will never have to be affected by. The privilege just reeks.

These concerns come with the fear that many Hispanic immigrants are probably dealing with as they try to brace for what could happen next. The fear that many of us as Black people feel when our loved ones are killed and yet we’re not given justice, but rather, another reminder that our Black lives don’t matter. The kind of fear that Muslim people feel as women are currently saying they’re afraid to wear their hijabs out in public for fear of attacks. You know, like the attacks from people of that half of America who assaulted protesters in Trump rallies and verbally attacked minorities in public over the last few months. If you don’t have to deal with it, you can’t be bothered to care — nor you can’t admit that it’s a real problem. That’s the benefit of such privilege.

That’s the only real explanation as to why this man could get this far. Because if his voters were directly impacted, and if they truly had to face that discrimination, things would have turned out differently. As many have said, this should have been an easy decision. But we get it. You hate us. You don’t have to admit it because it’s obvious. You have to if you stand behind this man.

And while Trump might claim that he is now ready to “bind the wounds of division,” he will have to excuse me if I’m skeptical. How can you reunite all American people after spending more than a year pretty much telling a large number of us that we ain’t shit? I agree with Van Jones that this was an uprising of sorts, not in the face of corruption, but in the face of a changing America. Despite telling our children not to be bullies, not to put your hands on others, and not to grow into hateful people, we’ve watched a large segment of the population do all of that and more while caught up in election hysteria. And despite watching the future of just about every minority group in this country be compromised with this election, Americans who won’t have to bear witness to the struggles we are now bracing ourselves for emphatically made their voices heard. They said that “taking back our country” is more important than looking out for the well-being of all those who play a part in its greatness.

So no, I’m not sad that “my team” lost. I, along with a great number of other people, am sad about the reality that we are regressing as a country. We are pained that a man who only cared about winning, not about the twisted ways he went about making it happen, is now instructed with the task of leading us forward. Here is to the legacy of Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, prison and immigration reform, and all of the important things that are about to take a hit because White privilege was more important than looking out for your fellow man.

May God bless America.


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