10 Times You Probably Should Charge Your Ex An Inconvenience Fee

October 31, 2016  |  
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We told you last week about the drama associated with the Mariah Carey/James Packer breakup. We said it was ugly and was likely only going to get worse. And thus far that’s been the case. Late last week, TMZ reported that Mariah Carey was requesting $50 million from her estranged fiancé James Packer. Mariah believes that James cost her millions of dollars when he convinced her to move from New York to LA, uprooting her entire life so she he could be near his children. Furthermore, the incident in Greece, where he allegedly did something foul to her assistant caused her to cancel the South American leg of her tour. Millions. And on top of all that, she said Packer made financial promises to her.

We don’t know if these circumstances mean she’s entitled to some money. But if you’re wondering if your ex owes you something, ask yourself, did you do any of the following for him. If so, you just might be worthy of some cheddar.

Source: Stax Records

Source: Stax Records

You paid his car note every month

Just the yesterday, I was listening to the intro of Shirley Brown’s “Woman to Woman.” I’m sure you know it well. And in the beginning, Shirley says, among other things, “The car he drives, I pay the note every month.” I heard that and thought, who in their right mind would do that? But you know some woman somewhere has played the fool. If you’ve been that person, you’re certainly entitled to an inconvenience fee. Now, if he couldn’t afford his own car, there’s a good chance that you might not get it. But it’s worth a shot.

You were his lover and his secretary

Y’all saw Waiting to Exhale, the reason Bernadette was entitled to so much money from her ex husband was because she worked, likely without being compensated, to help him build and grow his business. Services given out of love, could ultimately end up costing money if you do someone dirty on your way out.

You had to put everything he owned in a box to the left

Again, allowing a man to stay with you rent free is another risk you take. If he were at least paying you,   if the relationship didn’t work out, you saved some money for a couple of months/years. But if you essentially let shelter be his payment for “services rendered,” you deserve an inconvenience fee.  Still, any man that would use your home like his momma’s house is likely going to be on to the next woman by the time you fix your lips to ask for a single dime.

You took care of his kids

Don’t sleep. Child care is a booming business. If you found yourself trying to prove that you were the caring and nurturing type, watching his children while he did ‘God knows what.’ You certainly deserve a couple of coins for that. Furthermore, if he couldn’t make time to deal with his own children, chances are they were a bit of a hot mess…and so was he.

You paid for him to go to law school

The thought is that once your man gets his degree, your investment in him will all work out and pay off. Truth is, all of that is dependent upon him graduating, getting a good job, committing to you, and being willing to bless you with the fruits of his labor. When you look at it like that, it’s a huge gamble. Still, if you did it and he didn’t uphold his end of the bargain, you certainly deserve quite a bit for your faith in a disloyal man.

You supported him through a bout of unemployment

If you walked in your front door after a long’s day work to find him lounging on the couch, watching television, not even pretending to look for jobs, then you carried him for some months. And if that was the case, you would be well within your rights to get some bread once he got on his feet, whether you two are still together or not.

You’ve already started paying for your wedding

If you’re like Mariah. And you’ve already accepted a marriage proposal, chances are you’ve already started planning your wedding and putting some deposits down. Hell, we all know a couple of women who’ve started planning without the proposal. But I digress. If you’ve spent money on any of the necessities for a wedding, you deserve your money back. And this one, might actually stand up in the court of law, if you argue it the right way.

You cared for his parents

Even more than caring for a child, taking care of an elderly relative is no joke. Whether they suffer from a physical or neurological ailment, caring for someone in their later years can be exhausting and often thankless work. You have to do it for the love. But after the love is gone, you’re more than entitled to some money.

You nursed him back to health after an illness

You know how helpless men can be when they catch a simple cold. If your man was the one who was laid up and you played your best Nurse Betty to get him up and well again, then you need some money.

You donated a vital organ

*Looking at you George Lopez* If you didn’t know,  Lopez divorced his wife Ann Serrano after he cheated, after 17 years of marriage. And after she donated her kidney to save his life. You already know she got broke all the way off in the  settlement. Lopez said at one point that if she could get the kidney back, she’d probably take that too.



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