He Tried It: Black Men Who Played Themselves Trying To Come For Black Women

October 27, 2016  |  
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You know how even the biggest bully on the playground eventually meets his match when he tries to punk the wrong kid? That’s basically what happened to these famous Black men when they tried to school Black women on what to do with everything from their butts to their lipstick and quickly found out just how insignificant their little lives and words are in the minds of their intended victims.

Here are 10 Black men who tried it with us and we weren’t having it. Or as Khaled would say…

congratulations dj khaled you played yourself

A$ap Rocky

We don’t know if Pretty Flaco got mad because he felt like he had competition or what, but the rapper embarrassed himself when shared his unsolicited thoughts on dark-skinned women wearing red lipstick, saying:

“You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—f-cking for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls!”

And he further closed his coffin when he responded to the backlash a month later with:

“Black girls, you know how sensitive they are, but they our sisters man. It is what is man. I come from a Black home, so I know how sensitive Black women can be. Especially when you talking about they looks or something like that. You can’t say nothing about they glasses, they nails, none of that because then you’re a womanizer or you’re a racist.”

Black women went on with life unbothered and brown skin girls purposely put on red lipstick and posted pics on social media to prove just how wrong the rapper was.


Trick Daddy

The internet quickly reminded Trick to crawl back into the cave from whence he game when he advised “Black hos” to “tighten up” because “Spanish and white hos” are getting fine. He then issues a warning that if said women learn how to fry chicken, we will then become useless.

Sadly, Trick didn’t realize his useless contributions to society ended in 2001.

Brian White


Brian White

Have you seen Brian White grace the big screen in a meaningful role since he said the negative portrayals we see of Black women on TV are a reflection of reality? If it wasn’t for Columbus Short’s epic failings, he’d probably still be doing bit parts. He better tread lightly, Shonda Rhimes doesn’t play those games.

Image Source: WENN.com

Image Source: WENN.com


Honestly, it’s hard to pinpoint just one moment of ignorance from Tyrese, but we think his most egregiously patronizing advice to Black women came in 2011 when he said:

I want to say to all the women out there, especially black women in particular, y’all are on this independent kick. “I don’t need no man, I’m independent.” I want y’all to know the difference. There is a very big difference. Independence in the eyes of a man is when we say we want an independent woman; we don’t want a woman that’s [depending on] her […] nice body to help her get through life. You don’t wanna work, you don’t want to go to college or school, you’re not inspired to do anything on any level to try and help further yourself on any level. You just want to […] free-load… nobody wants that as a man.

Then some women are so on this independent kick they end up alone. You’re going to independent your way into loneliness. You go off and buy all the little poodles you want. “At least my dog is happy to see me when I get home everyday.” That dog or “rabbit” will never be able to replace what a real man can do for you.


 Brian To/WENN.com

Brian To/WENN.com

Floyd Mayweather

We know. What can you expect from a man who allegedly puts his hands on women? We were hoping for a little more than clothing advice to the tune of, “If a female shows half her body she’s asking to be disrespected,” but in doing so the joke is probably on us.




Okay so Wale was actually sorta-kinda trying to send a positive message to Black women and actually apologize for Black men’s role in creating unrealistic body standards when he posted this.


But the message would’ve been better received if he didn’t still try to shame this woman and others like her with his own definition of what a “quintessential Black woman” is.

Tony Gaskins

Tony Gaskins wasn’t specifically talking to Black women when he came for women’s sexual pasts but since we’re the only ones checking for him we took particular offense. In explaining how unforgiving men are, he said “I have never met a man who wants to be married and faithful who will be with a woman with over 10 partners.” And then he went on to explain how he was looking for a woman who had been with five men or less because five was his number and then he said when he met his wife her number was one and that’s why he married her. Mmmkay.



Pastor A.J. Amir

I’d think there were more pressing matters in the church than hairstyles but not if you ask Brotha Amir, a Texas pastor who banned the female leadership of his church from wearing weaves.

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying,” he told America Preachers.

And all we’re saying is “nah.”

umar johnson featDr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Johnson’s list of Hotep transgressions runs long, but most of us tuned this man out when he tried to come for Black women’s unnatural hair and deviant sexual behavior and we found out he was dating a stripper.

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