“I Don’t Want A Friend Like That” Toya Wright On Tamar Being Upset She Appeared On “The Real”

October 24, 2016  |  

Celebrities are so funny, especially on social media. For better or worse, mediums like Instagram and Twitter have the potential to really expose a person’s true character. We find out who is thoughtful, conscious, concerned about the world around them. We see which ones will tell you a lie to sell you a dream. (*cough* Flat Tummy Tea.) And my personal favorite, is that social media gives us the opportunity to learn each celebrity’s threshold of petty.

While public figures may think they’re slick with their post and delete, the liking of shady pictures and statuses, we know what’s up. And the ultimate sign of petty is the “unfollow.” Tamar Braxton found herself the topic of discussion recently when the internet discovered that she had unfollowed “friends” Toya Wright and Monica Brown. What made the situation even more interesting was that she did so shortly after each one of them appeared on “The Real.”

When people asked her why she’d done that, Tamar tried to clean it up, suggesting that she only unfollowed because these two were posting too much and too often on their timelines. No one believed her.

Well, on a recent sit down with “The Breakfast Club,” Wright spoke about her relationship with Tamar and offered another reason as to why she might have been feeling a bit salty.

Angela Yee: She was upset that you went on the show, allegedly, we don’t know if that’s what the real situation was?

Toya: That is.

Charlemagne: So she was blocking you from making appearances on “The Real”?

Toya: I mean, I will say this. I was out promoting— you know I came here when they did “My Super Sweet 16.” I did a promo tour for that. Somebody reached out about me going on the show and her response was they wasn’t allowing any reality stars on the show is what I was told. So I’m like, ‘Ok.’ Turn next week, Tiny, Shekinah’s on there. So I’m like, ‘Ok cool. It’s whatever.’ I ain’t tripping off that. I did Wendy Williams. After that, my publicist reached out this time for me to get on the show and they said they never heard about me coming on the show. So it was a like a first time thing. I did the show not to throw shade, not to be disloyal, to promote my project. I’m working. I don’t have a platform. I don’t have a television show that comes on every Tuesday. So any time I’m able to promote what I’m working on, of course I’m going to take that. And if you’re my friend you’re going to be supportive of that because you want to see me win, right?

So I’m like, I go and do it and then when I leave, the next day, it’s like all of this stuff all in the media like ‘Tamar Braxton unfollowed Toya and such and such’ because they appeared on the show. I’m like, ‘Is this real?’ So I make a phone call to someone just to make sure that it’s real before I even— my friend was like ‘Yeah, she just felt like you were going on the show and blah, blah, blah.’ And I was like, ‘Okay…but I wasn’t going on the show to take her job. I was just going on the show to promote my book.’

One thing my loyalty has never been questioned by a real friend. All of my friends that’s been my friends are still my friends. Industry friends, my old friends from back in the days are my friends. I don’t compete with my friends, I don’t hate on my friends, I don’t knock my friends. I want all my friends to win. If I consider you a friend, I’m happy for you. Anything you’re doing, I’m going to support.

And I have nothing against Tamar, she’s a cool girl. But in that situation, it shows me, you were never my friend. Because you would never get mad…First of all, I’ll clear this up, I hadn’t spoken to Tamar, it was like 8-9 months. We don’t talk all the time. We have a mutual friend which is Tiny. And Tamar and I became friends from Tiny. We were cool but not to where she’s like my best friend. I still consider her to be a cool girl. I done went to her house, she done came to my house. We done hung out together. So she’s a friend of mine. But for that situation to take place, that was a little petty to me.

Because when I had that situation going on with K. Michelle, I wasn’t mad that you performed with her. That’s your job! Like I would never. I’m not that type of girl, ever. And all my friends know that. I don’t expect you not to grace the stage with her if you do the same thing and this is how you promote your music. You have to do what you have to do. I don’t come in between your coins. And I feel like a friend shouldn’t come in between me trying to better myself. And then they like, ‘The network was being shady because they know y’all friends…’ I don’t even think it was that deep.

Yee: You’d been trying to get on the show.

Charlemagne: Why do you think they weren’t letting you on the show when she was there? You think it was her blocking?

Toya: I mean, I just don’t know. It just didn’t work out. It’s not my first book, this is my third book. I haven’t been on tv in a while but I did “Marriage Bootcamp,” I did “Untying the Knot,” I did my daughter’s “My Sweet 16.” I had things to promote. And I wrote a book before this book so why was I able to go on this book and not the book before.

Charlemagne: And you were able to go on Wendy, if you go on Wendy, you can go on “The Real.”

Toya: It just didn’t add up. But hey, it is what it is. I wish her the best. I just wish things work out with whatever. I was never trying to be shady, I’m not a shady girl. I don’t play those type of games. So if you work at Saks and you get fired from Saks, I can’t go to Saks no more? I love Saks.

Charlemagne: So you think she just wanted you to call her and say you got booked for “The Real”?

Toya: So…do you call me for stuff that’s work related?

When she came to my brothers’ funeral, I was actually surprised to see her. I thought it was a really nice gesture to come. But like I said, I hadn’t spoken to her in a long time. I remember I hit her, all of my friends posted my book but her. So I said, ‘Can you post my book for me?’ And she was like, she can’t post the book because her team is against whatever, because it’s called How To Lose a Husband. First of all, it’s not about how to lose a husband. And if my team tell me I can’t promote my friend, that’s shady. So I’m just like, that’s how she get down. And I just don’t— like I said, ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’ I don’t want a friend like that.

Charlemagne: She unfollowed Monica too, have y’all talked about that?

Toya: No comment.

Yee: You’re like we wasn’t that tight.

Toya: I mean we was cool on the strength of Tameika and we developed our own friendship. But if you get mad with me for something like that and you don’t pick up the phone and call me, and you decide to do this big, public thing, you’re not my friend. That’s not cool.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below.


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