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I am trying not to judge. Right? Who am I to say what somebody else should or should not be doing. Right? Furthermore, in most instances, whoever we are judging tends to have more money, more success, or even more issues and more drama. Either way, there is generally a reason for why they do what they do.

Over the weekend, DJ Khaled welcomed his first son, the product of a loving relationship between the celebrity and his longtime fiancée Nicole Tuck. Now, that’s a major key!

The champion of social media did what he does best when he realized the birth was coming — he took it to Snapchat! He snapped just about everything. He shared when Tuck’s water broke, played the trap music and The Adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer) and while his fiancee was toiling in labor, he was so happy, he cried.

So, before I wrote this, I ironically offered it up to my social media friends to see what they thought about the whole scenario.

One friend from the industry quickly reminded me that The Adhan was the Muslim Call to Prayer and extremely spiritual. (Note: Khaled’s is apparently not Muslim even though his son’s name “Asahd” means “lion” in Arabic.

Another female friend revealed that she had Chris Rock comedy playing when she gave birth. “I love to laugh,” she told me. “So it helped relieve some of the anxiety during childbirth.”

Yet another friend rolled her eyes with an emoji stating, “I had ‘Moments in Love’ playing and he had ESPN on the screen 🙄.” Clearly, she wishes her man’s attention was more in tune with her.

One of the men stated that when his daughter was born, they had a super mix of Stevie Wonder songs playing. Ironically, he would find later that their daughter shared a birthday with the genius singer that helped get them through childbirth.

Lastly, one person stated that she had trap music playing when her child was born. She was serious. “It was especially great during contractions,” she admitted.

These comments and more helped me get a wider, more varied base of view. You know, not to judge.

However, I have to state that DJ Khaled did the exact opposite of what I did when my daughter was born. It was pretty intense so it was just myself, my then-wife and the nurses and doctors. There were no friends present (there seemed to be some men – not doctors – assisting in the birth of Asahd. They could have been labor coaches or midwives (or midmen?).

Childbirth is sacred. Period.

Is “I Go The Keys” appropriate music to play when your kid enters the world? I don’t think so. Khaled will certainly have a story to tell his son, but at what cost? More media? More followers? More endorsements?

Let me change gears a bit.

I have a 16-year old mentee. We talk a lot and, when I mean “talk,” I mean text. Those conversations are largely music exchanges, but quite often there are key moments rooted in people he looks up to. A rapper beats up a girl. Believe it or not, I have to explain why the rapper was wrong and that the “reasons” for the assault don’t matter. Other times, there are issues with male/female relations that are grossly distorted in social media and hip-hop. More explanation is required, because they think the oddities, eccentricities and wrongdoings of artists is the way things should be done.

No, an artist – albeit successful and influential – is not always leading the way. I check my mentee’s thoughts all the time, as his brain is still forming. I’m still learning too, which is why I did a check with my friends and family in this case of DJ Khaled documenting his son’s birth on Snapchat.

DJ Khaled is grown and he’s clear on what he’s out to do. He and his fiancée Nicole are still getting married and appear to be extremely happy. Based on my friends’ comments, there are a myriad of ways to bring a baby into the world – trap music, Stevie Wonder and even Chris Rock comedy. My daughter’s mother and I opted for a more intimate, personal experience with little sound. I was there where those midwives/midmen were, helping in anyway I can to have a safe, healthy childbirth by any means. I just heard the wondrous sounds of a baby girl. I am certain Khaled simply found a different road to the same destination.

This is one moment I’m not here to judge or take a hard stance – that’s his and his queen’s bundle of joy. I suppose, I just don’t understand.

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