Back To Glam: Get Back To Your Style, Post-Pregnancy

October 24, 2016  |  

We’ve all seen the snapshots of some of our favorite celeb mommies like Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen, Teyana Taylor and Angela Simmons post-pregnancy. They were spotted on red carpets and on Instagram weeks after giving birth rocking fabulous outfits and five-inch heels like the words “delivery room” were a distant memory. I’m not just talking about weight loss here, I’m talking about their looks, their attitudes. They clearly gave new moms and moms-to-be life with their sass and style post-pregnancy.

I consider myself a die-hard “BlackGlamourMom,” hence the name of my blog. I was THAT mom who rocked her four-inch heels all the way through the eighth month of pregnancy and pretty much refused to rock maternity wear. However, I can admit, that post-pregnancy I fell into a “short-lived” glamour rut.

Let me explain.

After giving birth to my son, I initially struggled with getting back to me and what I was all about. I can remember trying to get dressed and not being able to pull my looks together. It was as if this baby changed me into a “plain Jane.” I was constantly rocking basic pairs of jeans and graphic T-shirts like that was my staple go-to uniform. (Trust me, I’m not knocking any mommy who prefers this as her go-to look, the fact of the matter was, it just wasn’t my look.) I was spotted carrying the same LV handbag week after week as I pretty much refused to swap out my bags the way that I used to pre-baby. I mean, really, it was so easy to throw bottles and wipes into this bag for those short trips to the grocery store or anywhere else I needed to quickly run out to. It actually got to the point, where I had to stop and laugh at just how much my fashion game had changed.

To be honest, as we moms know, having a baby is a major adjustment. I wasn’t yet comfortable with my new figure, mainly this new bulge of a stomach that I now owned and quite honestly, I think I started to believe that I had to style myself a certain way because I was now a mom. Fast-forward, six months post-pregnancy and I would say a change came over me. I started to realize that I had to get back to the “Glam Mommy” that I was pre-birth. I selected a weekend and got to cleaning out my closets and sifting through racks of clothes and shoes to determine what I should keep; I had clearly forgotten about what I even owned.

As I stand here today and look back at that time four years ago, I realize that I had lost a bit of my identity post-pregnancy when it came to my fashion game. What I learned is that you don’t have to lose yourself or your sense of style because you’ve given birth. In fact, I’m so excited to share that I clearly have my glam back. Yes, heels and sexy tops are back full-force!

Ladies, it’ so easy to lose your glam post-pregnancy, so I’ve rounded up my four tips for “Getting Back To Glam” after giving birth.

 1Understand That You Are Still The Same Person

Yes, you may now be the mother to a little one, but that doesn’t mean that you stop being who you are. It’s super important to remember that. Your style may actually increase post-pregnancy as you learn to adjust to your new body type and role as mommy.

2. Realize That You Don’t Have To Adopt A “Mommy Style”

A lot of times you see new mothers who totally switch up their looks after having a baby. No, I’m not saying that you should parade around town in crop tops and cut-off shorts post-pregnancy, but I am saying that you shouldn’t feel as if your look has to be totally covered up now that you are a mom. I personally have always dressed a certain way, but I still believe that you shouldn’t feel that certain items are “off-limits” now that you’ve added mommy to your list of roles. The key is to always dress for your body type as well as the occasion.

3. Pay Attention To Other Stylish Moms

Not only can you keep up with mommy style bloggers, but you can also pay attention to celebrity moms. They are always rocking the latest looks and can totally give you inspiration as you get back to your own personal glam.

4. Enjoy The Moment!

You’ve birthed a life, so you deserve to take time for yourself and do you, even if that means dressing less glamorous. The point here is that if you’ve always been that glam-type and want to get back to being that type, don’t think that all is over once you’ve given birth. I say, enjoy the moment, but remember who you were and who you are now.


Michelle Matthews-Alexander is the founder of, a mommy and lifestyle destination for young, fashionably chic, career and entrepreneurial-minded moms who refuse to trade their luxury crossovers for minivans and their Christian Louboutin heels for Crocs, just because they’ve entered the wonderful world of mommy-hood.

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