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Did you know 72 percent of girls face bullying and negativity online, which hugely affects their self-esteem? In an effort to boost their emotional intelligence and confidence, Dove launched the #SpeakBeautiful squad, where powerful women in the science, entertainment and media industries come together to teach pre-teens tips on how to conduct themselves on the internet.

To help with the brilliant initiative, Dove asked Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter, Parenting expert Jeanette Kaplun and the host of MTV’s Decode, Franchesca Ramsey, to share a special lesson for the girls to learn. Ariel taught the girls how to be an up-stander instead of a by-stander, especially when they see bullying online. Jeanette Kaplun gave pointers on how to take your power back with a selfie, telling the girls they must define their worth instead of looking for it in likes, comments or rates (systems where teens score each other based on appearances). And Franchesca, who was dubbed the “word wizard,” gave insight on the importance of knowing how the language you use online can affect your reputation and harm someone else.

In our interview with Franchesca, she revealed the importance self-care, her thoughts on women using misogynistic language and who from FX’s Atlanta and ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder would make the best Democrat and Republican presidential nominees.

MadameNoire: You use the internet and social media extensively in your line of work. What self-care tips do you use when you have a chance to un-plug?

Franchesca Ramsey: It’s important to take time away from the internet, as much as possible. For me, I love working out and my husband and I do it together in the mornings! And it’s really our time to check-in with each other but it’s also our time to really not think about work or what’s happening on the internet. Self-care is really about taking care of you and focusing on feeling good about yourself–mind and body.

MN: We wrote about a study that found women using misogynistic language the most on the internet. What are your thoughts about that?

FR: That’s really disappointing to hear but in some ways not surprising because we live in a world that sends a lot of negative messages about being a woman so it’s hard to not internalize it. I think a program like #SpeakBeautiful is so important when I hear about [a study] like that because it’s really important for us to speak positively about each other, ourselves and the world around us. So, the first thing we need to do is work on feeling good about ourselves and reflect that online. So, when you have that girl friend who’s saying those negative things about herself, to really speak to her and say, “Hey! You’re awesome. There’s no reason why you should say you’re ugly or whatever negative thing that it is. It’s important we encourage and uplift each other.

MN: Sound advice! So, let’s play a game! Pick Presidential candidates and their vice presidents using characters from the hit shows, Atlanta and How To Get Away With Murder.

FR: For the Democratic presidential candidate, I would pick Earn and his vice president would be Paperboi, of course. For the Republicans, I would pick Frank as the presidential candidate and Laurel would be the vice president.

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