10 Questions To Ask Before Initiating A Child Custody Case

October 20, 2016  |  



No matter when your relationship comes to an end, be it during the first several days of your child’s life, or years on down the line, choosing to battle your ex out over custodial and child support issues in front of a judge, lawyers and a courtroom filled with others who are in your shoes is a tough decision.

Child custody cases are stressful and serious business.

But there are ways to filter through all of the pros and cons floating through your head throughout your decision-making process. There are points of consideration to deliberate over before taking the leap of hiring a lawyer. But before we go through those points, it’s always important to remember one thing: always do what’s best for your child. Whatever decisions you make will directly and greatly affect them, so in all things and in all decision, keep them first. That said, here is a list of 10 questions to ask before initiating a custody case:

1. Did you the relationship between you and your ex end on good terms?
2. Are you and your ex of the same religious background?
3. Do you and your ex agree upon how much he or she should contribute financially to your child?
4. Is your family from the city or state you currently reside in?
5. Do you and your ex agree upon the amount of time he/she gets to spend with your child?
6. Are you and/or your ex in another relationship?
7. Are you ok with your ex taking your child out of town without you?
8. Can you and your ex agree on holiday visitation for both parents?
9. Do you plan on permanently residing in the city and state you currently reside in?
10. Do you and your ex agree on how much time your child spends with his or her grandparents?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it’s possible you and your ex can find a resolution without the angst, time suck and cost of the legal process. Figuring out the best method of communication for you and your ex is a great starting point in deciding the needs of your child and making decisions regarding his or her future. Oftentimes, a open communication and a good parenting plan can go a long way for parents who are able to effectually communicate.

If you answered no to the majority of these questions, then hiring a lawyer to handle your legal matters might be a good idea. Raising a child is hard, doing it while battling his or her mother of father is even harder. Every parent has a vision of how is or her child should be raised. And while every parental unit will have conflict over what’s best for their child, because of flared emotions, feelings of betrayal, and a lack of trust that often results from a breakup, it is particularly hard for estranged couples to agree on anything, particularly topics pertaining to their child. Hiring lawyers to advise and guide you through important decisions regarding your child might be the best option as they, along with the help of a judge, are used to dealing with various emotional levels and situations and can often be a great sounding board to help filter through these emotions and get to the facts and heart of the matter.

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