Can Maia Campbell Make It “From the Bottom Up”?

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Maia Campbell is a a true gem. In the 90’s her presence in television and film did something for me and many other black girls around the world because she represented something different. The characters she played on South Central and In the the House were often articulate and street-smart with just a little bit of bougie to seal the deal. And it didn’t hurt that she was a a beautiful girl with long silky hair that was all hers!

Over the years, her name has been singing on the blogs because of her health and bad relationships. Maybe her Iyanla, Fix My Life appearance has allowed her to regroup and get past the negativity because Miss Maia is back in the limelight as a cast member on the new season of From the Bottom Up. Produced by R&B singer Nicci Gilbert, the Centric TV show follows the journey of “five women striving to change their lives, rebuild their families and live their dreams.” This is a new opportunity for the actress to grace the small screen and could really help her get back to business—if she has the right story line.

We want to see Maia win on this season of From the Bottom Up and here’s how we think she can.

Mental Health Awareness– We don’t see many Black women in leading roles actually address their mental health issues on reality TV. It would be refreshing to see someone share their story from a victorious outlook and offer sincere advice for others coping with bipolar disorder.

The Mommy Life–  Maia has a gorgeous daughter named Elizabeth and we never get tired of seeing Black women raise smart, confident girls; that’s most certainly lacking on reality TV.

Her Music–  Several years ago Maia began recording music. Perhaps we’ll get to see her in writing sessions and collaborating with hitmakers. Hey, Kim Zolizack took a shot at recording and it actually created a hit song!

Her Mother’s Legacy- Maia is the daughter of author Bebe Moore Campbell, who wrote critically-acclaimed novels like Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine. It’s time for the younger generation of reality TV watchers to be introduced Campbell’s work.

Writing Her Own Book– Maia needs to tell her story in her own words. This will position her for other opportunities like public speaking and put an end to speculation about her personal life. From what we hear, this may already be in the works.

Making Boss Moves– Any opportunity to be on television should be well-calculated—especially reality TV. If  reality stars are not careful their camera time can turn into drink-throwing drama and pettiness, which we currently have enough of! Maia should definitely spread her wings by introducing a viable product or service, or become the face of a recognizable brand now that she has this new platform.

Reclaiming Her Acting Career– “Emotional memory” is a term to describe when an actor uses real-life past experiences to play a role. Maia has been through many trials and heartaches from her parents’ death to her own battles with drug addiction and mental health. With these experiences, it is time to show her range as an actress in major projects.

We’ve seen a few celebs make a solid comeback with the help of a reality show. Hopefully, Maia can do the same and impact the lives of other women who are facing obstacles she’s faced.

Do you think a reality show was the right move for Maia Campbell after such a long hiatus? 

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