Beauty Achievers: 27 Products To Help Your Teen Achieve Her #Beautygoals

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By Nicole Williams

Having “the talk” with your teenage daughter about being a teenager can be a little intimidating. It’s no longer just the birds and bees …. now you have to add topics like puberty, boys, hormones, makeup, menstrual cycles, drugs, love, sex…..ahhhhhhh! It can drive a parent to shear insanity, I mean you’ll end up needing a psychiatrist with all the crazy that’s about to go down during some of those chats.

Seriously though, there is one topic that should not only be a positive coming-of-age discussion, but also one that is up-to-date with Generation Z’s sensibility…. and terminology. What I’m talking about is not your mama’s conversation about wearing makeup (which for many of us who were born in the 80’s know as “You’re not wearing makeup cause you ain’t grown!”). If you can relate to that then you were probably born the late 70’s – 80’s and you are now a parent yourself to a teenager daughter somewhere between 13-19 years old and you’re trying to give her those same answers that your mama gave you.

But times have drastically changed and with this new breed of teen spirit, the kids are social-media obsessed, digitally-dependent but fiercely independent, and regulated by reality TV shows who follow frivolous A (to Z) -List celebrities, so you cannot get away with the totally justifiable response of just saying “No” to anything without a thorough explanation. Thanks a lot, social media!

So, how do you have a talk with tech savvy teens who use memes, texts, emojis, hashtags, Snapchat, Instagram posts and internet slang to communicate? You get strategic and learn their lingo. Another adage my mother always used to say, “if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em” and in this case having a conversation about makeup may have to include you making a few references to social media stars like Kim Kardashian, beauty vlogger MissyLynn, Kylie Jenner, NikkieTutorials, MsAayliahJay, GlamTwinz334, TTLYTeala, SunKissAlba and Black Chyna to be cool to your kid.

Begin by being aware of who she’s following on social media, like her favorite YouTube beauty tutorials or Instagram accounts, and straight out ask her if she is ready to handle the responsibility of wearing makeup (because if she’s sneaky about it, she’ll be wearing it without your approval or knowledge at all.)

You want your child to have her own voice and to figure out her style with you and not without your input. Instead of avoiding the topic of wearing  makeup altogether like our parents did, give her an introduction to the beauty world by taking her to a professional makeup artist to give her the most current and correct advice for how to wear age-appropriate, but trendy makeup. Cause Lord knows you don’t want your baby out here looking crazy rocking fake lashes, contour and a lace-front looking like a baby RuPaul! Without making this too complicated, we wanted to share a few cool AF products that will make your daughter achieve her #beautygoals …..with YOU and her in mind.

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