Snip the Tip? Why Circumcision Isn’t For Everyone

September 27, 2016  |  



Alright ladies, this is kinda a private subject that is normally discussed behind closed doors, but as trends are a’ changing, it’s definitely worth a decision. Can you imagine having table talk with your girlfriends about circumcision and foreskin? But hey, it’s an important decision every expecting mother and father have to make for their little boy.

I myself am not only expecting my first child but also a son which is new territory for me as I grew up in a household of all women. As with most women, the concept of certain topics were never discussed because they didn’t pertain to us. Now halfway through my pregnancy, one of the questions on the table for my husband and me is whether or not we will circumcise our little guy.

Immediately, I thought yes; it was a bit of a no-brainer for me. I assumed that most men were in fact circumcised, mainly due to health reasons and the fact that the removal of “extra skin” would look more appealing, if you will. Circumcision is also something that’s associated with certain faiths as it symbolizes a covenant with the Man upstairs. Can anyone else who grew up in the church (or synagogue or mosque, for that matter) remember the story of Abraham who started the whole circumcision thing as a sign of his dedication to God? As my husband and his family are of the Christian faith, I thought his answer would be an obvious yes…but man, was I wrong.

Now I don’t want to put specific people on blast, but let’s just say that many men (and their members) in his family practice their dedication in other ways. Child, was my mind blown because I thought all men were snipped! Call it a cultural difference in thinking (they are from Latin America) or whatever you want, but to them, circumcision isn’t that big of a deal.

“Babe, it’s not that serious,” jokes my husband. So what about cleanliness and the possibility of infection?

Well, if your hygiene is important and you can clean yourself thoroughly, you shouldn’t have any issues. At least that’s what has been explained to me since obviously I can’t speak from experience. Coming from a long list of uncircumcised men in his family, my husband made it quite clear that both the father and mother not only teach their son how to clean himself, but also follow up to make sure he is doing it right. “It’s like teaching a girl to wipe from front to back,” adds my guy. “God only knows the infections you can get if you do that backwards, but somehow girls manage.”

That actually is a pretty good point. Is circumcision really that big of a deal? I mean, sure it could make things easier on the cleaning side when you didn’t have to worry about a little extra skin, but it’s not a life or death situation, especially if you clean yourself. As far as I know, no one in my husband’s family has died from an infection due to uncircumcision so my son should have a good shot at life.

Honestly ladies, I think the big “C” debate comes down to personal preference now that studies are showing a decline in the tradition. If we can get over certain stigmas and be open to alternatives, you might just discover that there are plenty of people around you who are uncircumcised quiet as it’s kept. It’s just not your business.

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