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Stacia and daughter Ariana Pierce

Stacia and daughter Ariana Pierce

Dr. Stacia Pierce is one of the most popular and successful life coaches in America, won the Oprah OWN Network Contest in 2010 and is the founder of the Women’s Success Conference. A trusted voice for women interested in pursuing their goals, Stacia has built a name for herself as an award-winning life coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She’s a mompreneur and teaches women every day how to build the best life possible for their families.

From building her self-worth to teaching her how to take ownership of her dreams, moms carry a heavy yet powerful weight on their shoulders. Stacia understands these challenges firsthand as a mom and mentor, and is an expert at giving moms the tools and attitude needed to become a role models for success.
She helps her clients unlock their full potential by empowering them to take responsibility for their lives and meet each challenge head-on. Her seminars, inspirational materials, 21 books, and coaching program have assisted hundreds of thousands in their pursuit of happiness.

We sat down with her recently to see where she gets all this energy and drive.

Mommynoire: I interviewed your daughter Ariana a few months ago. 

Stacia Pierce: That’s awesome, I read the interview, but I didn’t know that it was you!
Yes, we talked about how she was inspired by her family. That’s your mini me.
She hates me saying it, but she is [laughs] She’s grown now and her own person, but I’m like, ‘You’re still a little me.’
Tell us how you started as an entrepreneur…your daughter told me her grandfather, your dad, was in real estate.
When I was 13 he gave all of us kids a business. Mine was called Stacia’s Dream Cream, it was an ice cream store and next door to it, it had a game room. I think he took us pass a lemonade stand, but we kept going until we got to the store. Because he was into real estate so he would redo different businesses and turn them stores. On the bottom of apartment buildings there would be retail stores. So I started at 13, that’s when I first became an entrepreneur.
So, it was a real business?

Yes, and I ran that business–we started in June when I got out of school–and by the middle of June I was overwhelmed and I said ‘oh Dad, how do I do this?’ And he said: ‘You need to get organized, read some books, and write down your thoughts.’ So that’s when I really started journaling and going to the bookstore because I really needed to learn how to run this business. So I got through the summer, I didn’t get to do the beach and other stuff with my friends, but I saved a lot of money. He would only let us spend a little on ourselves and he showed me how to re-invest in the business.

He also showed me how the business was profitable because I didn’t spend all the money and I took out products that weren’t selling. It really taught me how to use the skills of entrepreneurship and every year after that I did it as a summer business. By the time I was 16 I was into fashion and wanted to do my own thing. Then I went into fashion consulting and created my own line of makeup and by the time I graduated high school, I already started with developing makeup.

By the time I was 21 I had my own salon and makeup line. We started really, really young but it was a great tradition that he had and his brothers and sisters had it too, so it was like we came from a family of serial entrepreneurs. I followed that same pattern with my kids, Ariana and Ryan, and so at the age of 13, it’s like, ‘OK what business do you want to do?’ So her first businesses was these necklaces and then her nail polish line and she’s just come into her own as well.

What an awesome start.
My dad was ahead of his time. We grew up in Michigan and we live in Florida now. He had houses on the lake so sometimes we would do a lake-themed business. It really taught me the skills necessary to run a business, to do something you have passion about and also how to solve problems.
So it was always in your family. Did you ever feel like you wanted to work for a company?
When I was mid-teens my parents’ best friends started a little jewelry store and I sat in a meeting and offered to work it when they first started. I did that for about a year and learned how to take inventory, do window displays and make orders. Back when Victoria’s Secret started it was called Cacique it was inside the Limited Stores as a lingerie section. I was 16-years-old and running the section and they hired me as a store manager at 17. So I managed the jewelry store and the lingerie section for a while, at the same time. The bug got in my early.
So all of that brings us to today. 
Now I do business coaching and that came from me helping women and getting out of the day-to-day of running my businesses to do women’s conferences. So I became a speaker and author and I took four years and wrote about 20 books that I self-published. I self-published because, having the entrepreneur bug I know not to wait, just go for it. So I started a publishing company on my own and got into all the stores and shelves, and it was still profitable, even more profitable than if I had worked with a major publisher.
So after doing these conferences, women would reach out to me and say: “I did this three-day conference with you, but then I won’t see you for another year. I want to start a business on my own and I need guidance, I’m a mom… You tell us how to do it, but we need you to fill in the blanks. Help!” And I thought yeah, that’s true. I was in a meeting and the term ‘coaching’ came up, it was like an aha moment.
That launched the whole and me starting to become a “whole life” coach – business coaching and personal coaching mixed together. We focus on women who want to have their own business. That’s what we’re doing now!
It’s awesome that you combine the business and lifestyle thing, because that’s the balance thing that we all try to achieve. Not that it’s easy, but we try. How is it working with your daughter?
I love it, I think it’s the best decision ever. The best part is that she grew up in an entrepreneurial environment, so she’s smart and we work really well together and think alike. She feels like a younger version of me and she’s in touch with a different audience, so we can cover a wider range of people – she hits the millennials and I hit the parents with kids in college. I had to realize I can’t be in mommy mode when we’re working together because she has great ideas of her own. The first year I had to really, on-purpose, think about stepping back so I wouldn’t override her as a mom. After that we just clicked and roll together really well. It’s a fun adventure.
Do you find there’s a lot of mom-daughter businesses?
Yes, it’s really huge. A lot of moms and daughters and just families as a whole are coming together right now. I just had a conference a few weeks ago and we had like 50 mother and daughter teams there and in business together.
What are you working on now?
The biggest things are the Success Mastery launch, which is my coaching program. It’s so exciting to have new people and former users re-enroll for a new level. I have a new book called “Enjoy Life,” which is about building your life and business at the same time, especially moms. It breaks down the barrier and says you can do both at the same time. Another thing I have for everyone is the Success Journal and that just started as a secret weapon for my clients, but we opened it up to the public and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. It’s not a planner, it’s personal journal. You can find them all on

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