The Road To The Altar: How Bad Would It Be To Start My Period On My Wedding Day?

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For the last few months, my period has been doing what it wants to do. While it used to come at the end of the month, it’s started moving backwards and becoming an even bigger pain than usual. I went to Barbados last month and even though it was supposed to come a few days after I landed, on the 23rd, it came the morning I was set to fly out.

I had errands to run last week to gather things for my wedding, and before I knew it, there my period was, a day early, on the 22nd, causing me to make a mess on myself far away from my house and a slew of feminine hygiene products. And now, based on my calculations, my next period should make its presence known on October 21 — the day of my wedding. For some people, that may not be a big deal, but the way my period is set up…

I don’t want to worry about leakage (especially not as I wear white), bad cramps, or bloating on one of the biggest days of my life. So I’ve been thinking about getting back on the pill to halt it — at least for next month. However, I’m feeling a little conflicted. Okay, a lot.

When I told my fiancé about my idea, he wasn’t crazy about it. “I’ve heard that stuff can throw things off,” he said, in reference to my cycle. “If it comes on the wedding day, it comes. That’s okay. We’ll deal with it.” We meaning just me. Plus, he’s not the consummate-the-marriage-during-the-heaviest-part-of-your-period type, so I could see it being a pretty dry wedding night.

And then there are the side effects of taking pills that I’m not interested in dealing with. From the weight gain to the change in mood, it was a lot to handle the first time around. Once I got off of birth control pills, it took a while for my period to return to a consistent schedule. When it found a regular timetable, my period was three days longer than before I started taking the pill.

Not to mention that when I did some reading online to see what women had to say about trying to dodge their period for their wedding day, there were a lot of people saying getting back on birth control just to avoid an inconvenient menstrual cycle is a bad idea for your body. And considering that I’m running low on time, it may not shift in the way that I’m hoping, so I could be messing with my system for naught.

If I choose to forgo the pill and deal with what comes, I have heard good things about the menstrual cup. On the Ever After Guide, the menstrual cup was recommended as an option if your period shows up unexpectedly on your wedding day. They can even be inserted prior to sex so as not to interrupt wedding night plans. A woman in my choir even called such a product a “lifesaver,” so that could also be an option. But I’ve also heard bad things, particularly about the removal process, so it could be more complicated than I’m thinking. I do have some time to practice, though.

All in all, I don’t know what to do. I hate the idea of worrying about my period on an already stressful day. As uncomfortable as my cramps can get and as heavy as my flow can be, I already know that I don’t want to be bothered. I want to dance carefree! I don’t want to worry about changing in and out of different products throughout what is sure to be a long day. I want to be beautiful! Damn being bloated. My preoccupation with my wedding day being as close to perfect of a day as possible has me considering all of my options.

I do have an appointment at the end of this week to figure out what my next step should be, and I’m interested in hearing my OBGYN’s honest opinion. I know that starting my period on my wedding day wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but when your Aunt Flo comes with all the stank attitude and pangs that mine usually does, it’s definitely an inconvenience I want no parts of. At least for one very important day in my life.

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