Tales Of A Middle-Aged Mom: Hormones, Losing Hair And Ovaries

September 23, 2016  |  

Ladies, enjoy your life and don’t rush a moment. It wasn’t long ago that my younger self was rushing to be grown.

Each age milestone throughout my life including 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, and 40 was super-amazing from my teenage birthday parties, attending college, first love, voting, purchasing alcohol, traveling the globe as a media strategist and having my daughter at 40. Mama has lived.

I remember having amazing thick, healthy, long hair that I would put in a chignon to keep my hair routine basic, practical and sexy. My skin was flawless, blemish-free simply by using soap and water. No worries in the world, carefree, selfish and sans children.

Now at the tender age of 49, it’s been downhill. Just kidding! But it’s true that the stress of being anxious about your children’s well-being, running a business, juggling schedules, satisfying your hubby and carving out ‘me’ time can be very challenging. I feel good (now), however the past few years have been a true test of faith and hormones.

First, it started with night sweats, my hair was thinning, and dare I say falling out (well, at least I thought it was falling out). To add fuel to the fire, I decided to relax my hair for a new look at 46. However, the heat was assaulting the scalp and hairline. My hair was on life support. I shaved off my hair and started the process all over. Soon after, each time I went into the bathroom, I would see hair everywhere and it was alarming however the hair texture was quasi suspicious. Was my hair texture changing also?  All the answers needed would be provided soon since my annual gynecological exam was in a few weeks.  It was at that moment I decided to have a woosah moment and surrender to the universe knowing all would be fine.

The day came to visit my doctor and order every test possible that the insurance would cover. I said proudly, “Yes, do a complete full panel workup and check my hormones ‘cause I might be premenopausal.” My doctor laughed. I waited for the results to come back and then it all came together.

My son, Sebastian, was in the bathroom and the minute he came out I walked and noticed hair on the counter and sink. I called and said, “Sebastian, is this your hair?” He said yes, I hugged him and cried. My son was 13, going through a change on the other side – from boy to man. It wasn’t me. Again, I hugged, kissed him and said thank you. A day later, my doctor called and shared with me that my hormones were fine and ovaries are fresh like a woman in her spring season.

Being a middle-aged mom can be a tad challenging…then you have a rare moment when you cherish having spring ovaries, a full head of hair and sanity.

Here’s to all moms!

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