“I Know I Did Everything In My Power To Be Honorable” Michael Strahan Finally Tells His Side Of The Story

September 22, 2016  |  

Source: People

Source: People

Watching the last couple of months of “Live with Michael and Kelly” was tortuous. It was clear that the once light and jovial relationship the two shared had come to an end and, with the jabs Kelly was taking on live television, we saw that they were not even cool anymore. Recently though, in an interview with People, Strahan took some time to confirm. Listen to his side of the story, how he was the one who broke the news to Kelly and where their relationship stands today.

Who told Kelly that you were leaving? 

I was the guy who delivered the news to her. Which I didn’t have to do, I chose to do it. I could have told the bosses who made this decision to do it themselves. But no, I felt it was my obligation, after four years and as an honorable person, to be the one to deliver that news.

Were you surprised by Kelly’s reaction? 

I wasn’t surprised. I’d been there four years and I’d been there long enough to understand how she reacts to things. I think it was a big surprise to the public. I think the only that surprised me of the outcome of that was the stance that was taken after the announcement was made, as if I was a selfish person and I was leaving and I was running away, and I was abandoning someone. Which just wasn’t the case. I think anybody who was around and understood the course of the last four years, and understood where we were going now, understood that.

We both had the same boss and when you’re on a team—which I believe I am, being in sports my entire life— if your coach says ‘We need you to help here. We need you to go there’ that’s what you do.  So for me it was just being a part of the ABC family, Disney family, the Disney team and that’s where they needed me to be a player. That’s what I did. No way, shape or form was it any of the things that I read.

I have a family of kids and I honor them in being honorable in everything that I do. And to do it in that way would have been dishonorable. And it was no abandonment because the news was delivered three months before I was supposed to leave. It wasn’t a last minute thing.

Are y’all still friends? 

My relationship with her, I don’t know what it is, to be honest with you. I wish her well though, I really do. She’s very talented at what she does and I just hope she continues to do it.

Any regrets?

No, absolutely not. There’s nothing I could do. I couldn’t have acted in any better way than what I acted. I couldn’t have done anything better than what I did. I think you have regrets if you did something wrong or you did it in the wrong way. And I felt like I went about it in the best way possible. Maybe other people don’t see it that way or maybe it was turned into a way that didn’t look that way. But I understand the circumstances because I lived the circumstances. I understand the situation because I’ve lived it. And I know I did everything in my power to be honorable, and to be responsible and to be accountable to everybody who this affected.

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