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I never understood why and how Colin Powell always got a pass from folks

When folks talk about the debauchery and flat-out incompetence of the George Bush Jr. Administration, Powell’s name is, surprisingly, missing from that condemnation.

And although he is a retired four-star general in The Man’s Army and was involved in several military actions including the Persian Gulf War and the War in Iraq, no one really calls him out for being a warmonger.

And while most Black Republicans are ridiculed and ostracized for basically being Black Republicans, Black folks never really begrudged Powell. In fact, he has been sorta lionized within the community.

If President Obama is the Teflon Don, then there is no doubt in my mind Powell is the Rubber Band Man.

As nothing ever seems to stick to him.

I see a lot of this happening again with the leaked email flap.

Not that he is really responsible.

After all, the email leaks were a part of an espionage mission by Russian intelligence operatives, which means his right to privacy was violated too. And you really can’t blame a person for talking smack about folks when said gossip was never meant for public consumption anyway.

Still, the leaked emails do provide a new way to view a man, who for the most part, can do no wrong politically.

Take for instance, the one email in which Powell calls Donald Trump a “national disgrace” and “international pariah.” Or the other email in which he called Dick Cheney “an idiot.”

Okay, those jabs were quite funny. And many would say, justified.

But the emails about Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton were particularly catty.

For instance, this exchange between Powell and mega Democrat donor Jeffrey Leeds in which he discusses her age:

While it is true that if elected, Clinton will be the oldest living president on record, there is nothing I have seen to suggest she is not be mentally or physically up to the job.

Sure, she fainted during a campaign event after suffering a bout of pneumonia earlier this week. But there are many instances throughout history when other presidents have fallen ill. None of them were accused of being too old.

Of course, none of them were women…

Here’s another exchange between Leeds and Gen. Shady Boots in which Clinton’s ambitions were question:

“I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home (according to the NYP).”

He also adds in the same email:

“Everything [Hillary Rodham Clinton] touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

That’s funny coming from one of the architects of the failed invasion in Iraq.

Also, the irony of calling out Clinton for her unbridled ambition when Powell himself is waiting for the perfect time to make an endorsement (in the Fall, he tells Leeds) – even though, he doesn’t really like her.

I mean, why endorse someone you don’t even like? Perhaps it has to do with ambitions of his own…

This isn’t the first time Clinton has been condemned for being too ambitious. According to an article in The Broad Side, “Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, suggested that Clinton’s personal political ambition to get to the White House would be destructive to the Democratic Party.”

In fact, Clinton’s supposed over-ambitions have been so disputed and debated that The Onion even penned a satirical op-ed, mocking the sexist belief way back in 2006:

My particular favorite part:

“Hillary seems to think she knows what our country needs better than anyone else, and believes that she, among the hundreds or thousands of qualified politicians, is the only one who can do it. Is that really the sort of person we want at the helm of our federal government?

Not to mention that she’s extremely self-promoting. She spends almost all her time these days going to fundraising events dedicated to raising money for—you guessed it—Hillary Clinton. She’s always popping up in the news with a new initiative she’s spearheading or some kind of complaint against the president. I don’t want to use the B word, but she seems awfully bossy to head an executive branch that employs 450,000 people.

Sen. Clinton always wants to be throwing her opinion around about this bill or that law. I saw her on Meet The Press just last week. Every time Tim Russert would take her to task on one issue or another, she’d come right back at him with some sort of smart answer. She needs to learn that sometimes you need to just accept your place; it’s not polite to always act like you know things.”

Of course, American statesmen have been strategizing, plotting, begging, lying, manipulating, double-talking and scheming their ways into public office for decades.

And that includes Gen. Powell who started his military career as an ROTC member in college and worked his way up to the 65th United States Secretary of State. He didn’t get there by sheer luck or serendipity.

Instead, he did it by working with both the Clintons and the Bushes.

Now, folks will argue that it’s all part of the game. And that in order for Powell to get things done or to get to where he wanted to be in life, he had to align himself with folks who he personally may not like or even trust.

But what exactly has Powell actually done outside of what was personally best for himself?

And what exactly is Clinton doing that other, more esteem and male politicians haven’t already done?

If this is the game, than it appears she plays it well.

Charing Ball is a writer, cultural critic, free-thinker, slick-mouth feminist and the reigning queen of unpopular opinions. She is also from Philadelphia. To learn more, visit

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