Stop Right Now: 10 Things Moms Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

September 15, 2016  |  



Being a mom is no joke. I’m 10 years into this whole motherhood thing, and it’s still not easy. But the toughest part is not the early mornings, the lack of sleep, or the fatigue that comes with trying to keep up. The toughest part is dealing with “mommy guilt.” You know–that nagging feeling that tells us we need to feel awful because we just didn’t do something, or we totally did something the wrong way.

Well, after over a decade (gasp!) in the game, I have decided that this mommy guilt stuff is for the birds, and I just don’t have time for it. No mother is perfect, and all moms make mistakes–sometimes big ones–but it all comes with the territory. If you love your kids and you can sleep at night because you truly always have their best interest at heart, why feel guilty? Guilt is a wasted emotion and it just doesn’t serve you or your children.

Here are 10 things I think all moms need to stop feeling guilty about. After all, motherhood has never been about perfection, it’s about the journey you take raising kids in a perfectly imperfect way.

Letting your kids watch TV when you don’t feel well. I don’t think a bit of TV is going to damage a kid. If you just don’t feel well (physically or emotionally) letting your kid(s) enjoy some TV so you can relax a bit is okay.

Tossing their artwork. Being a hoarder doesn’t mean you love your kids.  Keep the special stuff and toss the rest when they are asleep.  They’ll never know… or care.

Deciding to stay inside for the weekend even if the weather is nice. Bake cookies, watch movies, do crafts, and just relax. Hanging out indoors is a great way to connect with your kids and save money.  There will be other nice weekends.

The occasional bribe. There probably isn’t a chapter on bribery in the “good parenting handbook,” but if a lollipop will stop a meltdown on a day where you’re close to melting down yourself, it may be worth it.

Forgetting all about picture day.  It happens to all of us. Even with reminders, who can keep up with everything?  Years from now your kids won’t be mad about those pictures.  They’ll get a good laugh from those pictures no matter what they’re wearing.

Giving your kid the same thing for dinner three nights in a row. If your kid loves something, and you give it to them repeatedly, it’s fine. Eating the same food a few days in a row never killed anyone.

Putting an outfit that’s not weather appropriate on your kid. This darn weather is crazy, and these forecasters are often wrong. Don’t feel bad if you over-dress or under-dress your kid.  It’s pretty common.

Cutting back on the number of bedtime stories because you have a headache. I would read my daughter three stories before bed when she was younger, but some nights I just couldn’t do it. One story, or even a story-less night, will be forgiven.

Feeling excited when you spend a night away from the kid(s). Being a mom is the toughest and most rewarding part of my life. But as much as I miss my daughter when I’m away, sleeping in is a beautiful thing.

Loving your job and the time you spend there.  There really is nothing wrong with having a career and enjoying it.  If you are passionate about what you do and enjoy your time away from your kids, it might make you a better mom.

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