How I Made It: Meet Savvy Entrepreneur Koereyelle DuBose

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African-American women are taking great strides to not only show the power of their hustle, but the weight of their impact in the business sphere. From launching online businesses on popular platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to being the key point person at empowerment seminars and workshops – let’s face it – black women and their dynamic voices are being heard louder than ever.

Our friends at Nissan encourage and fully support women capturing their dreams. In fact, they understand the importance of aligning with these tastemakers via our exclusive How I Made It editorial series, on

In this feature, we chat with savvy and fabulous Atlanta, Georgia entrepreneur, Koereyelle DuBose. Via How I Made It, she shares her entrepreneurial vision and exactly how she drove down that path. The fab werk-aholic shares tips that every woman entrepreneur should follow, while touching upon the challenges that every boss faces.

Here is How Koereyelle Made It, powered by Nissan.


MN: Was entrepreneurship always a dream of yours or did you stumble down that path?

Koereyelle: I can’t say that entrepreneurship was always a dream, but it has always come naturally. Since I was 16 I’ve been creating multiple streams of income. When I was mature enough to understand what I was really doing, I made it official and became a business owner.

MN: What previous work did you do before the launch of The Single Wives Club and WERK101? 

Koereyelle: Before creating The Single Wives Club, I owned an online bracelet boutique where I created handmade beaded bracelets. Before that, I tried every venture you can imagine. From party planner to travel agent and even nail tech, I’ve always had an interest in learning new skills.

MN: Why did you take the inspirational and motivational path in terms of your business plan – were you filling a void?

Koereyelle: I definitely believe I fill a void. My voice is one of encouragement, but I’m also very relatable. I do not think I’ve accomplished anything that anyone else couldn’t accomplish! My goal has always been to help other women accomplish their goals and create the life of their dreams. No matter who she is, where she lives or what she’s going through– every woman can use a word of encouragement to believe bigger & expect better for themselves.

MN: How important is it to you that women have a stronger voice in the business world? When did you develop your voice and breakthrough in business?

Koereyelle: After creating a massive movement with The Single Wives Club, I received a lot of requests to help others build their businesses. This is how I ended up creating, which helps entrepreneurs build their businesses from start to finish. Once I started consulting one-on-one with business owners, I realized many of them had the similar goals and were facing the same struggles. My breakthrough in business came when I began contributing for business columns, offering advice and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

MN: We often see the results of entrepreneurship – wealth, strong business networks, etc. – but what are some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face?

Koereyelle: One struggle that almost every entrepreneur faces is a frightening level of uncertainty. Nothing is guaranteed, so a great month could be followed by a slow one. You just never know, until you’ve created systems that keep your income consistent. Even then, there’s no guarantee. Another huge hurdle for a lot of entrepreneurs is time management. When you’re building a business, the way you manage your time directly relates to your pay. The freedom that you have can easily turn into time wasted being “busy” but not actually being productive. When you’re the boss, you can easily become your own worst employee.

MN: What skill sets, tools, or resources do you think are required for entrepreneurs now?

Koereyelle: One thing that I noticed that is typically left off the list is the mindset & attitude. I truly believe that a positive mindset creates positive experiences. I am also a firm believer in having a pleasing personality as if you are always ready to receive your next opportunity. Instead of focusing all of your attention on accumulating resources, you have to reflect on your best resource: yourself.

Of course there are certain things that you want to have basic knowledge of regardless of your industry: website development, sales, online marketing, social media, etc. And always be willing to enhance your skill set to stay current with trends so you’ll be a leader in your industry.

MN: You have a variety of brands under your belt and people trust your voice – Why are you a force to be reckoned with?

Koereyelle: Because I’m just getting warmed up. The things I’ve recently accomplished have been on my vision board for years and I haven’t even started working on my new ideas. I’ve really been blessed with a lot of opportunities. I am also connected to a lot of great people. The things I see for myself are 100x bigger than what’s happening right now, but I’m always creating, always thinking and always WERKing!

MN: What’s your next power move?

Koereyelle: My next book, Confessions of a WERKaholic will be out in October– and I am very excited about it! It’s similar to my first book (WERK101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide) except it’s specifically for entrepreneurs. This one is full of the success secrets and business tips that I wish someone would’ve told me, so I didn’t have to learn the hard way. I also included concrete lessons to help you create your next digital product, launch a new marketing campaign and find ways to make more money– all while being inspired with WERK wisdom & confessions from a few notable werking women!

And of course I’m hosting my annual conference WERKPraySlay Weekend October 21-23 in Atlanta! It’s 3 days of education and empowerment for women who want to live a life that they love!

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