7 Common Sense Misconceptions About Soul Mates

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So much is said, written and believed about soul mates, that it’s hard to keep up with the true meaning. Are they really predestined connections meant to help us fulfill our soul’s purpose on earth or something we make up to give our relationships more meaning? Kinda like astrology. Is it real or isn’t it? One thing is certain; this idea that each of us has a soul mate has probably crossed your mind at least once. And depending on what you believe about it has a lot to do with how you approach your relationships.

So for the believers, this list is designed to help you put it in perspective. Perhaps you’ll be able to better identify your true soul companion. For the non-believers, well, this list should make absolute sense.

Here are seven common sense misconceptions about soul mates:

  • There’s Only One – Some people believe that a soul mate comes along only once in a lifetime, but the danger in that is when you find that person you’re never going to let him out of your sight. No one wants to be your EVERYTHING. You’re better off believing in at least three so if the first one doesn’t work out you’ve still got two more chances.
  • They Are All Romantic – A friend recently stated, “A soul mate is someone who has seen into your soul. That person that you can be vulnerable with. It can be male or female.” A lot of us miss out on meaningful soul mate connections because we fail to realize that we already have them. That person that you haven’t seen in five years, but when you talk it’s like no time has passed, or that friend that always calls when you need them- that’s a soul mate. Romance comes and goes, but a soul mate can last forever.
  • You Know It The Moment You Meet Someone – Some people believe that unicorns are going to fly and the sky is going to light up like the second coming of Jesus the moment they lay eyes on their soul mate. And why is that? Most don’t want to believe that their true soul companion is that short bald guy from work that’s always listening to your problems.
  • You Won’t Be Happy Unless You Find That Person – Problem with that is, if you find that person and you’re still sad, you’re going to say it’s because he’s not your real soul mate when the real problem is you. If you can’t be happy until a person you’ve never met comes into your life it’s not a soul mate, you need therapy.
  • It Has To Work Out – Not everything last forever, not even soul mates. A friend tells of a relationship her mom had with a man some 20 years ago that she believes was her mom’s soul mate. “Put them in a room together and you can feel the energy come alive.” It didn’t work out because your friend believes they didn’t communicate the way they should have, and today, both are in other relationships. Yet they still can’t deny what they have.
  • Some Soul Mates Are In Denial – No, if two people can’t agree it’s not a soul mate situation. You’re probably a stalker.
  • They Should Be Easy – Some soul mate disband the first time he finds a load of your dead foot skin hidden beneath the pillows of the couch. According to Edie Reynolds, who has been with her soul mate for 30 years, they started dating when she was a freshman in high school, even these relationships need communication and support. “One of us has to give in,” she says, “And you still have to put in the work.”


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