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September 19, 2011  |  

Women invest what many men would consider an inordinate amount of time to look good. A nice dress, meticulously applied makeup and well-kempt hairdos are the tools that women use to create their own physical narrative.

The average seven-plus woman (on the attractiveness scale) realizes this. They know what they have to wear in order to look desirable or not-so. To that end, there’s a fine line between the woman who looks Hot-yet-elegant and refined, and the woman who looks like a skank.

I think that most women recognize that line, and those who dress like the latter do so on purpose, to achieve certain goals.

You can miss me with the issue of political incorrectness as it applies to scrutinizing womens’ sartorial choices: no dame with a junior high school education will dress in a manner that they KNOW will invite unwelcome attention, because most attractive women I know don’t appreciate the cacophony of catcalls from losers driving by in Mazdas, so they aren’t likely to do so.

When they do put on super-revealing clothes, they want that attention. I believe it’s for two reasons: to be looked at by other men, and by other women, for the purposes of lust and envy, respectively. Having three-quarters of your A$$ cheeks hanging out below cleavage so deep it reveals slivers of your areolas is something explicitly designed to gain attention for any number of reasons.

My girlfriend will dress mildly trampy on the occasional date night because she likes feeling Hot, but she does it primarily for me, which is pretty damn awesome. She has the good sense to know that being dressed that way will get her stares –- and more, if she’s not on my arm at the time.

In no way do I wish to advocate that women should be marginalized, harassed or discriminated on based on what they wear. But dressing like a harlot merits a certain level of judgment and scrutiny in this country, and that will never change. Ever. The feminists need not get mad when men make certain conclusions off of womens’ dress, because more often than not, those conclusions are valid.

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