5 Ways To Get Back On Track After Falling Off The Diet Wagon While On Vacation

September 1, 2016  |  

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Try as you might, sometimes it really is too hard to say no to local fare, free food, and all of the goodies made available to you during a vacation. You’re not at home working with the groceries you usually have at your disposal. And, of course, no one is as interested in keeping you on track with your kale salad and lentils diet (that was a bad idea from the start) when they are just as focused on eating macaroni pie in Barbados and mofongo in Puerto Rico. With everything and everyone telling you to cut yourself some slack, you eventually decide to let loose and have fun.

And then you return home five pounds heavier, skin broken out with a hankering taste for sugar and salt. Trust me, I’m going through that right now.

So how does one move past a few vacay slip-ups and not let weight loss progress falter for the long term? It’s about being proactive.

Acknowledge that you f–ked up. Now move on.

One of the main reasons we allow ourselves to gain weight back and let our hard work go to waste is due to the fact that we allow our confidence to diminish because we slipped up. After that, we’re daunted by the road ahead and decide that we would rather give up then get back to work. But we’re human. Mistakes are made. If you already worked hard, don’t turn back. Just acknowledge that you slipped up and get right back on the horse.

Get back to your regularly scheduled diet.

So you went a little too hard on beignets while in New Orleans. Now what?

Get back to eating what was working for your diet, ASAP. The faster you switch back to ensuring that you’re getting your vegetables, eating lean meats and slowing up on your heavy sugar and salt intake, the faster your body will move away from craving what it doesn’t need to have and get back to your regularly scheduled program. Drop the mixed drinks for generous amounts of water, the sweets for substitutes with less sugar (fruit anyone?), and the salty chips for air-popped popcorn.

Work it out.

One of the best ways to move past a binge-eating hurdle is to sweat it out. Trying to find the motivation, let alone the energy to fit in a workout can be tough after a relaxing trip. However, making time for at least a 30-minute session, a brief class, a jog, or some weight lifting can go a long way to making you feel better — and lighter.

Focus on cooking your own food.

When you relied on other people to feed you while on vacation, the options you found on their menus were nowhere close to healthy. But now that you’re back home, you can eat in a way that’s agreeable for your body. Pan-sear some fish. Grill some sausage. Bake some chicken. And if you find yourself still feeling hungry after the fact, fill up on veggies and load up on water.

Understand the importance of small snacks throughout the day.

Sometimes people think that they can fix things by forcing themselves to eat less during the day after eating too much for too many days in a row. That can actually cause you to overeat even more once you finally sit down for a meal. To keep that metabolism moving, have your fill of light afternoon snacks in between breakfast and after lunch so you won’t find yourself starving each time you are ready to eat. Thinking you did good by holding out on those cravings, only to stuff your face until you feel queasy when it’s time for dinner is a bad idea, sis.

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