From Maternity Lingerie To Mani/Pedis: How To Keep Feeling Beautiful During Pregnancy

September 2, 2016  |  

While pregnancy can be a huge blessing, it can make any expecting mother feel exhausted, lousy, and flat-out unattractive. It’s no secret that while pregnant, you might be ready for those 40 weeks (sometimes 41 or 42 weeks) to be completely over; not only to meet your little one but also to go back to your old self.

Remember? The self who kept her weekly hair appointment, combed through the clothing racks and shoe department at Nordstrom weekly, and didn’t leave the house until her eyebrows were neatly groomed?

Now that you’re carrying your child, who says that you can’t be sexy and keep up with your favorite beauty routines? In fact, there are ways to feel beautiful even while maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Get your hair and nails done

This may sound obvious, but it’s truly the key in making sure that you feel and look beautiful. It’s also very hard to accomplish. Since this is my second pregnancy, I have a toddler to run after so my time is more limited. Also, I have natural hair, which means it normally takes me a few hours to begin the process of washing it. However, pregnancy cuts my time in half since my hair is a bit more manageable these days.

“I always tell my patients that their hair will be the best it’s ever been — lush, full. Enjoy it!” Dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, MD told WebMD regarding hair changes in pregnant women. “The diameter of the hair increases. We measured hair diameter in the third trimester and after pregnancy, and it’s definitely thicker during pregnancy.”

Even though my hair is in its best state, nothing beats getting my tresses professionally groomed. That goes for a manicure and pedicure as well. Any manicure and pedicure utensils that you have at home are great, but take the time out to pamper yourself by letting someone do the work for you.

Buy lingerie

As women, feeling gorgeous could be as simple as a change in our choice of attire, so lingerie is a great option. And yes, maternity lingerie does exist. I’m sure you have to wear some form of the belly support belt, which is an even better reason to throw on a nice lace or silk garment at night, or even during the day.

Get a massage

Not only will this aid in any body pain associated with pregnancy, but it will also help you relax, release any stress, and make you feel refreshed. According to The Holistic Works, making this a priority can improve the circulatory system, decrease back pain, and reduce cramping in the lower legs. If you can’t find the time to see a professional, have your husband act as the massage therapist (using your favorite oil, of course).

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to be frumpy and have to stick to feeling less than your best. Regain and maintain your sexy at all times!

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