Raising Your Kids Free: Who Cares What People Think

August 22, 2016  |  



One thing most moms can agree on: your little one drives you up a wall! Another absolute we might all acknowledge is these little annoying, imaginative, curious creatures really can teach (or at the very least remind) us of a few fundamental truths. You know, like the familiar, but oft-forgotten “treat others the way you want to be treated” or the foundational “sharing is caring.”

By Jorian Seay

We all have those hilarious, infuriating, enlightening (or all of the above) moments with our kiddos that remind us of these lessons we were taught way back in the stone age when we were little tikes. Here, I share with you teachable moments brought to you by Matthew, my feisty, gutsy, spunky tot who’s taught me a thing or two since he came kicking and screaming into my life! Enjoy, but more importantly, take note.

This week my two-year-old reminded me not to care what people think.

Matthew and I had to make several runs to our favorite store this week. Yes, the one with the little red bullseye logo.

During one of our trips Matthew was in an especially good mood. It was just post-daycare pick up and I needed to grab a few items before heading home to unwind. He sat in his backseat clearly enjoying the ride, as he was chattier than usual and was actually singing along to the song as they blared through the speakers.

And once we pulled up to our beloved store, his good energy didn’t wane one bit. He spoke to (literally) everyone who walked past. “Hello!” “Hello!” “Hello!” That’s all I heard as I focused on checking items off of my list.

But as we headed to check out, Matthew REALLY took it there with the (over) enthusiasm. He started singing. What? I don’t know. All I know is my child began singing as loud as he could. I couldn’t quite catch the melody, or the beat for that matter, but whatever he was singing, was coming straight from his heart.

Cute, right? Well maybe if my child had an ounce of vocal talent, but he doesn’t. He sounds like he’s joking around when he’s singing his favorite medley and his two-year-old vocal cords are a bit mature, so he sounds somewhere in between an alto and tenor—weird for a tyke his age.

So as the stares began and the obligatory “awwh, so cute” comments began to pour in, I beelined for the cash register. He wouldn’t stop singing. At a certain point, as we stood in line behind a nice woman who began smiling and singing along, I realized it didn’t matter whether or not my boy can sing. Whatever he was belting out, made him happy. And while I’m not particularly the biggest fan of his vocal acrobatics (or lack thereof), someone somewhere (perhaps the lady in front of us) is bound to be a fan.

He brought a smile to someone’s face, and I couldn’t help but appreciate that and encourage him to sing as freely as he liked (although he HAD to bring the volume down just a bit). He was in a good mood and possessed the greatest of energy. So who cares what people (including mommy) might think, he was living life on his own terms and doing whatever the heck his little soul wanted to do.

I think we can all throw caution to the wind a bit more in life. After all, who cares what people think?

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