Mom On The Move: The Creators (And Sisters) Of EasyPeasie Veggie Blends

August 19, 2016  |  

Easy Peasie

Jamelah and Dorielle of EasyPeasie Veggie Blends

Sometimes family members are the best people to go into business with: you know each other best, and you may just have some common goals. That’s the case with sisters Jamelah and Dorielle from South Florida. A pediatrician and engineer respectively, they figured out a way to get kids to eat their vegetables. Too many moms are still trying to figure out how to get their kids to eat healthier–it’s a constant struggle–and EasyPeasie Veggie Blends are here to the rescue. A simple mix of vegetables, the sisters created the product for kids, but adults can use it to in their smoothies too!

The ladies took some time to talk to Mommynoire about their business and more. Read on!

Dorielle and her family

Dorielle and her family

Mommynoire: First, tell us about yourselves individually.

Jamelah: I’m the eldest, so I’ll go first, this is Jamelah (laughs). I’m a pediatrician and I work in South Florida, not far from our hometown called Hallandale Beach. I love working out and traveling. I’m an auntie to my sister’s kids.

Dorielle: I’m a wife and mother of two little boys who are six and four. I went to school for electrical engineering, I’m an engineer and got my PhD in that and now I’m home with the boys and working on EasyPeasie.

How did EasyPeasie come to be?

Jamelah: It was kind of a brainstorming session between me and my sister when her youngest was three or four months old. She went back to work and I was actually their nanny for a couple of months while they were transitioning to a new city and the baby was going to also transition to formula. We had read something about breastfed babies verses bottle-fed babies, and how their palettes develop over time. So we wanted to have lots of different flavors, especially vegetable flavors that we could expose him to. So we just started brainstorming about ways to get vegetable flavors mixed in with the other things he was eating. It just happened over time that we experimented with different vegetables and combinations. We got good feedback from family and friends. So after doing it for a few years for her kids, we decided to bring it to market.

Explain what the EasyPeasie Veggie Blends actually are…was it always the powder form we see on the site now?

Dorielle: It started as a powder form. We dehydrated the vegetables in a dehydrator and then they’re ground up into a powder form. That way we could just sprinkle it onto the food. We did a lot of taste testing. If we could get it into his applesauce without him knowing, it was a win.

Jamelah: I’m just tickled by our story and how organically it happened, but there was definitely a lot of trial and error to get it to where it is today.

An EasyPeasie fan!

An EasyPeasie fan!

Kids are so picky so this is a great idea and great name! What’s in the blends?

Jamelah and Dorielle: Thank you! Its carrots peas and sweet potatoes and it has a mild taste, and the green blend is carrots, peas and sweet potatoes with kale and spinach and has a bit of a stronger taste, but it’s still not intense. It’s pure vegetables.

Is there an age that Easy Peasie is meant for?

Jamelah: The product evolved as the boys got older–from a baby product to a toddler product–and they’re still getting it. Some of our families and customers are using it in everything that the whole family is eating. There’s no limit to what you can put it in or on. One woman brings it with her when she travels to add extra vitamins to her meals on the go. You can add it to smoothies and all kinds of mixes.

EasyPeasie 1

What is a serving?

Jamelah: We ask families to start out with a teaspoon of EasyPeasie in applesauce and then you can ramp it up or down according to your kids’ taste buds.

What do you ladies have planned for the future of Easy Peasie?

Dorielle: We’ve gotten feedback from adults using it, as we mentioned, and using EasyPeasie in nursing homes for the elderly. We also heard for pet lovers who think it would be great to have a blend for pets. People can find us online and order there!

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