The Bad Guy: Some of the Skeeziest Characters in Hollywood

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Every story has a conflict and that usually requires a villain. Whether you can appreciate the depth in their characters or they creep you out a little too much, it’s nice to know that these men will keep a job. Check out the brothas who’ve managed to make a career out of always playing the bad guy.

1-Terrence Howard

Don’t let those light eyes and that dazzling smile fool you. Terrence Howard’s characters are usually up to no good. Maybe all of his characters aren’t bad perse but they are almost always sneaky and side-eye worthy. In the “Best Man” he played the devious character Quentin, who was an instigator from the start.  Remember, it was him who questioned Lance (Morris Chestnut) about his wife-to-be’s loyalty and fidelity. In “Hustle and Flow” he plays DJay, a washed up pimp– no further explanation needed– and in “Big Momma’s House” he plays Lester Vesco, an estranged father and bank robber trying to kidnap his son. *Shivers*

2-Micheal Beach

Micheal Beach has such an innocent looking face; maybe that’s why he’s always a ladies man in his roles. Too bad he can’t keep it in his pants. How can we forget one of the first scenes in “Waiting to Exhale” when he tells his wife Bernadine that he’s leaving her for another [white] woman. And let’s not forget that homeboy boned Terry’s cousin in the studio above the home they shared together in “Soul Food.” Sure, the marriage wasn’t working but he had no shame! And if that wasn’t enough for you– he played Al Boulet in the show “ER” and guess what he did… gave his wife AIDS. If there’s an award for the worst on-screen husbands, Michael Beach wins this hands down.

3-Chiwetel Ejiofor

You might recognize this face (a very attractive face if you don’t mind my saying so) from the movie “Four Brothers” in which he played Victor Sweet, a local criminal who terrorizes the neighborhood and (spoiler alert) had a hand in the death of the brothers’ mother. He got what he deserved in the end but not before he scared the mess out of everybody involved. Then in “American Gangster” he played a dim-witted drug dealer. Ejiofor also starred in a show called “The Shadow Line” which is known as a British version of the “The Wire.” Even though Ejiofor’s character is “good” on the surface, (he plays a detective, suffering from amnesia) he keeps getting inklings that he might not have always been on the up and up.

4- Keith David

Now we know we’re supposed to separate the actor from the character but something about Keith just looks nefarious and it’s often reflected in his characters. You remember David from “BarberShop” as Lester Wallace, the sleezy, crooked businessman who was trying to forcible buy Calvin’s shop. Then in the first “black” Disney movie, “Princess and the Frog,” David plays one of the more diabolical villains in Disney’s history, Dr. Facilier.

5- Michael K. Williams

The scar Michael K. Williams earned during a fight on the night of his 25th birthday eventually opened up a lot of doors for the accomplished actor. You may remember Williams from his breakout role in “The Wire” in which he played Omar Little, the infamous stick up man. Even though Omar only goes after drug dealers, he inflicts a spirit of fear in anyone he passes on the street, including children. They know what’s about to happen. But despite Omar’s heinous activities, he holds himself and his partners up to a strict moral code, influenced by his grandmother. No one is all bad all the time.

6- Ving Rhames

Just because Ving has been known to play effeminate characters (see “Holiday Heart”) doesn’t mean that he can’t play the sketchy role as well. Back in the day he played Marsellus Wallace, the gun-toting mob boss in “Pulp Fiction,” in “Baby Boy” he was a recently released criminal who tried, violently, to teach Jody a lesson. Even in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” his character was very threatening until he came out as a very flamboyant gay man.

7- Thomas “Tiny” Lister

Lister takes the cake as the ultimate bad guy as I can’t think of a role where Lister wasn’t plying a bad guy. His huge stature and even his blinded eye just add to his menacing persona. While Lister was originally known for his role as Zeus in the Hulk Hogan movie “No Holds Barred,” Lister gained acclaim in the black community with his portrayal of Deebo in the “Friday” movies. In real life Lister isn’t that bad. He’s a born again Christian who mentors urban youth. You might even catch him getting cuddly with his little girl.

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