LeBron James Praises Simone Biles, Simone Manuel For Inspiring “Young Black Girls” And Old White Men Are Pissed

August 16, 2016  |  

LeBron James


As someone once said, if having pride in yourself and your identity makes someone else feel threatened, that’s on them. And such a statement rings true when speaking of just how pressed some people get when Black people have pride in themselves or even when proclaiming that Black lives matter, only for non-Blacks to say something is reverse racism, or worse, that all lives matter. It’s pretty vexing to see, especially in moments when we’re celebrating the accomplishments of young Black women making historical strides in sports that have always been pretty sparse in terms of having people of color.

LeBron James took to social media this past Friday to commend Simone Biles and Simone Manuel for winning multiple gold medals in Rio and inspiring people, especially young Black girls, to dream outside the box.


And just like that, what was meant to be a heartwarming message was accused of being a means to divide Americans. And the White tears were shed:

“especially young black girls”? So had it been a white, Hispanic asian etc etc it wouldn’t have been as special? Stop singling out a specific race when a AMERICAN does something wonderful. These young ladies were fantastic. These young ladies represented AMERICANS. Period. Not african americans….AMERICANS.

The black community always complain about segregation, that different races gets divided into certain groups etc etc. Now look at your status and see what you just did 🙂?

You’re not exactly helping the cause by separating blacks from whites.
You very often hear “look beyond race etc etc” and I totally agree. But it doesnt make sense to complain about being exposed because of your skin color, and then based on exactly that (RACE <—–) isolate yourselves from everyone else.

Cheer for america, not for races..

They are inspiring to ALL young girls! What’s with the labeling!!! Why can’t we just be AMERICANS? I think ALL young girls have something to learn from these two AMERICANS!! If we keep segregating each other with labels, what hope will there be for true equality and fellowship! We as adults need to be an example to our next generation. If we refer to us all as AMERICANS which we are, and not a “color”, “religion”, or “race”, then the next generations will begin to see us all as AMERICANS, and not a country divided by titles!

Those who see color are the problem. Until we can look past that, we will always have discrimination. Now my white girls at home are equally inspired by Simone Biles as the next girl.

Guess they missed the part about him watching the games with his young Black daughter. But thankfully, enough people understood what James was trying to say and do with his post.

Here comes the mad white people, build a bridge and jump off of it. You were lynching us 50 yrs ago so yes this does mean ALOT to young African American women because they haven’t a chance to be represented on this stage.

He said this is inspiring to young black girls, because they can relate. He didn’t say this is only inspiring because they are young black girls. Not that it should matter, this culture has made it a long way in 50 years back to when they weren’t even allowed to compete for the US. He is not singling out black people. When someone wins a track race with a prosthetic leg and people post about how they are so inspiring to handicapped people everywhere none of you are on there saying “No they are inspiring to all Americans”

I think that it was awesome as well!!! So good to see Gold from our girls!!! And you are right, what an inspiration to other black girls that thought swimming was out of reach. Gabby broke that barrier for gymnatics and only a short 4 years later, Simone blows us away with a stellar performance!!

As Black people, it’s no longer our jobs to justify and explain our pride and support of our community to those who question it. If you have a problem with a Black man congratulating and sharing his elation about the impact of fellow Black female athletes, I suggest you go hit up google and educate yourself on the history of inequality in this country. But this man owes you no explanation and you are without a doubt ill equipped to engage in a conversation on this topic

That last comment may very well be my favorite. Representation is everything. Watching Dominique Dawes back in the day as she won gold with Team USA inspired the hell out of me, and I didn’t necessarily want to be a gymnast. I was just happy to see a Black face dominating on the main stage, letting me know that anything is possible and that hard work pays off. This is how it always is when you’ve gone through life watching Black folks be one of the few individuals of color in a commercial, a magazine, a competition, show or classroom filled with White people. And while many young people can be inspired and motivated by the success of all the Olympians, to pretend as though finding joy in seeing someone who looks like you and comes from similar circumstances, or rose from worse to make it is insulting is just exposing ignorance. While we all want to be seen as more than our skin, just as I know Biles and Manuel want to be known as more than “the Black gymnast” or “the Black swimmer,” being Black is a major part of our identity. It’s okay to see people as more than their color, but please, let’s not try and play crazy. Don’t erase it when it’s convenient, like when we’re winning gold, but point it out when there’s something negative to share. The jig is up.

And may I add, to see such a prominent Black man salute Black women in such a way is great to applaud, as Black unity is also something we need to see more of and celebrate.

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