“Roof Is A Character” Dwayne Stafford Explains His Attack On Dylann Roof

August 12, 2016  |  

Source: Black Collective

Source: Black Collective

We’ve been following the story of the assault on Dylann Roof at the hands of Dwayne Stafford pretty closely. As you know, last week Stafford attacked Roof in the shower.

Now, in an interview with Black Collective, Stafford is speaking out about the motivation behind the assault. And also providing updates and even a bit of correction for the reason that he was behind bars in the first place.

Stafford, who was arrested on charges of third degree assault and battery has spent 571 days in jail without a trial.

Later, we reported that thousands were raised to cover Stafford’s bond. According to his attorney, Marvin Pendarvis, that is not true. Only $379 was applied to his bond. Since he’s been released, his attorney has found temporary housing for him but he is currently homeless.

And it’s not the first time, in the interview with Black Collective, Stafford said that his life has not been easy. He’s been in and out of foster care and recently lost his father. Stafford said that, up until a few months ago, he kept the newspaper clipping about Roof’s attack on the church.

He told the Black Collective,  “Even though I’m not related to them, those nine people, that’s family. Because we live in the same state, we are one, regardless. That’s church people, people that’s worshipping God, I’m on the same path. That’s my brothers and sisters. Majority of those people were elders. My emotion…to think about it, is the same way I felt about my father dying, it’s just like damn…damn.”

“I was the first person to speak to the man when he got in there. So I was like I want to approach him and let him see like, ‘Okay, what was you not getting for you to understand the fact that what you did is not understandable. I still don’t understand. So I basically approached him in a way like, ‘What’s going on with you man? Like, you couldn’t find nothing else better to do?’ It wasn’t hard. It was more peaceful. Usually when I give him the talk about his charges, he try to make me think that he feels real bad. I kind of felt as if ‘okay, this m*therf*cker think I’m stupid.’ He used to blame it on other people. He say he wrong but he says it wasn’t his idea. He doesn’t want to tell me who he’s associated with but he’s involved with other people. I don’t know who they are or what they represent.”

So how did their talks go from conversation to assault. Well, one day, shortly after Stafford was requesting that his father’s obituary be sent to the prison, he asked Roof if his intention really was to start a race war. Roof said, ‘Man, f*ck that sh*t. And f*ck your daddy too.”

Stafford had been really depressed about his father’s passing and the comments just made a bad situation worse. After that conversation with Roof he was crying in front of the mental health professionals. He didn’t let Roof see his tears but he was going to show him.

“I said I’ma get to him on my daddy’s grave, a grave I haven’t even saw yet.”

“I can’t say he deserve to die because I’m not a judge but I got the power to bust his ass.”

Also, if you would like to contribute to Stafford finding a home, you can contribute to the Crowd Rise fund in his honor.

You can watch Stafford’s full interview here.

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