Women Come Together To Discuss Post Baby Body Stories

August 12, 2016  |  

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Image Source: Shutterstock

Stretch marks, diastis recti (stretched stomach muscles), weight gain, and cellulite are things that most women experience after pregnancy. This is definitely my story. When I was 22 I could just think about losing weight and it would fall off and now at 34 after a twin pregnancy I have to work extra hard and do military style workouts just to lose a pound or two.

I’m making small strides to having a body I love but it’s hard work.

Having a baby is life-changing and because of that, when other women share their stories of struggles and overcoming obstacles it can make the journey a little easier. In a recent article in NY Mag women shared their post baby body stories.

The Woman Who Had a Tummy Tuck-Mother of twins, 39: I hate my body after birth. I lost 40 pounds and paid $12,000 cash for a tummy tuck and I still hate my body — only now I have an abdominal scar to hate, too. I still have 15 pounds to lose, but I’m too tired to exercise after getting up at least twice a night for the past 15 months. My bladder fell, so I have to pee constantly, and I get pelvic pressure that lasts for several days whenever I try to jog or walk long distances. And my joints ache, too. Look at pics of me before and after the birth of twins and it’s like I aged ten years. If I’d known all of this, I would have adopted.


The Woman Whose Skin Went Haywire-Mother of two, 32: I have a 2-year-old, so I thought I knew the drill with my second, but the labor was shorter and more intense, the baby was three pounds heavier, and he came out with his arm over his face. The whole pregnancy I couldn’t wait to get back to working out, but a month later I’m still limping a bit. I wonder if it’s because I’m older, albeit just two years. And then there’s the acne: My skin was smooth and gorgeous until the end of my pregnancy and then my hormones went crazy. It took about a year to go back to normal last time, so I’m expecting to look like a stressed-out teenager till next spring. My mother broke out with my brother, and her hormones never regulated. She still has breakouts in her mid-50s.


The Woman Who Loves Her Scars-Mother of three, 29: I had twins in November. I’m actually lucky because I’ve been a little heavier most of my life. I was 175 at my wedding and I’m 180 now, so the weight gain wasn’t hard for me. I was up to 220 at the end of both of my pregnancies. Having babies has actually made me happier about my body because it gave me my daughters. I had major abdominal surgery after my first C-section and have big scars on my lower belly, but I love them all. They feel like evidence of the battle I fought to birth three beautiful girls. It makes a big difference that my husband is so supportive and loving. He loves me, saggy boobs and all.

Here are some tips to help with your post baby body mindset:

#1 Focus on the body parts you love-If you don’t know what body part it is already, then find some aspect about your body that you like. Is it your feet, legs, arms, hands? The point is to start thinkingbody positive in small ways.

#2 Embrace your shape-try to find clothing in your closet that complements whatever shape you are currently so that you feel good in what you wear. You can even look at tips online from professional style experts on matching up your body type with certain clothing.

#3 Set Simple Healthy Habits

Do things like take the stairs instead of the escalator. Incorporate your little ones in home workouts videos if you don’t have someone to watch them. Take a 15 minute daily walk. Try to stay active in small ways throughout the day because it helps create long lasting healthy habits.


What’s your story? Are you still struggling with post baby weight? Have you accepted your body for what it is? Let us know…

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